Ron Paul: Private Ownership is the Solution to the Environment Problem

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June 8, 2016—During Ron Paul’s latest Liberty Report segment, the former congressman used his entire show to answer questions from fans. As a result, today’s video is packed with information on how resources would be allocated in a free market economy, working with Bernie Sanders, the gold standard, and many other subjects.

When asked how we can prevent businesses from exploiting resources too quickly, here’s what Dr. Paul answered:

“Interesting question and a pretty important question but to me, the thought that comes to my mind is how do we keep governments from exploiting natural resources, because they have been detrimental and natural resources are more or less controlled by governments around the world, and our government. And governments aren’t very good at this. As a matter of fact, governments are a lot worse than the individuals who have private ownership. Private ownership really motivates people to conserve and take care of [natural resources].

You take for instance force, if you take government force or the commons, what they call in the West, that land is never taken care of as well when the government is running it, where everybody owns it and nobody is responsible for it. But when it’s owned by individuals, they have an incentive, because there’s a monetary value to this.

Does that mean everything is going to be perfect, that [we] never make a mistake? No, that’s not the case, but I tell you what, that is a lot better than depending on government, [because then] it becomes political, then there’s an influence because you know, if you go to government lands, then there’s deals made between big business and big government. When they want to mine and drill for oil and … all these things, it’s done for political reasons, and not for environmental reasons or preservation of wealth. And inevitably, that land, those resources get wasted.”

For more precious answers on other subjects, watch the full video below:

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