Dictatorial Tendencies: The Left and the Right

June 9, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, connects the dots between Donald Trump, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton and even Fidel Castro!

Donald Trump is having a difficult time escaping the latest controversy that he’s generated with his racist attack on the federal judge that is ruling against him in the Trump University case. But the whole controversy brings to my mind President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had his infamous court-packing scheme.

That was during the time that he was viciously attacking the justices on the Supreme Court, not for racist reasons, but for standing in his way to bring a socialist-fascist economic system to America, what he called The New Deal.

Roosevelt thought that he knew what was best for America, and it was this combination of socialism and fascism. As long as he called it free enterprise, or free enterprise measures designed to save the free enterprise system. And the justices were telling him, essentially, this way of life is alien to the principles of America, and they violate the charter under which the federal government was brought into existence, the Constitution.

Well, that didn’t stop Roosevelt, reflecting extreme dictatorial tendencies, he just came up with a plan to pack the Supreme Court with his cronies, and that went down to defeat, but later with deaths and retirements, he got his way. He packed the entire court with his cronies, and then he got his economic revolution that brought the socialist-fascist economic system to America, but always under the guise of saving free enterprise.

Now, there’s no question that Donald Trump’s going to reflect the same dictatorial tendencies. He’s sort of like a variation of Benito Mussolini’s Italy, but Hillary Clinton’s going to be no different. I mean, she bares all the characteristics of Cuba’s Fidel Castro. So, take your pick! A dictatorship of the left or a dictatorship from the right.