Food Stamps ‘Glitches’ Keep Happening: Riots to Follow?

Photo credit Flickr

June 9, 2016—Over 2,700 instances of government benefits failing to electronically transfer have occurred so far this year, according to a count of reports on by Zero Hedge.

While there is no explanation of the cause, the effect is clear: Americans go hungry, and in many cases, go wild. These videos are just a sampling of the riotous behavior documented across the US in recent years when EBT, or electronic benefits transfer, card systems fail:

More than 40 million Americans use EBT, and over 100 million receive federal benefits of some kind. What if these “glitches” continue to happen? In 2013, Zero Hedge reported EBT crashes in 16 states.

Imagine what could happen during the next economic downturn, which is expected to be a deep one.