Ron Paul on Rep. Walter Jones: He’s a Neocon Slayer

Ron Pal Walter Jones

June 9, 2016—During his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul talked about Rep. Walter Jones and his successful reelection campaign.

He starts off with the following:

“We have good news this week! A good friend of ours won his election. Walter Jones, congressman from North Carolina who’s been a champion of non-interventionist foreign policy and cutting all that spending and waste and [who’s turned out] to be one of the strongest anti-war members from Congress right now, so he’s defied a lot of conventional wisdom.

His race was supposed to be real close, and this individual is Taylor Griffin, who ran against him a few years ago was only 6 percentage points away from Walter in his own primary, so people were worried. And guess what happened his year? They were convinced they were going to wipe Walter out.

And, guess who his enemies were? The neocons!

The neocons came in, spent a few dollars and they didn’t do so well!”

Jones, who got 65 percent of the vote, won an easy victory against Griffin, who only got 14 percent of the vote. When Daniel McAdams pointed out that both candidates had a 50 point difference, Paul added:

“That tells you something.

You know, Walter is an interesting person. I think a lot of people know his history about how he switched. He was pro-war, voted for the Iraq war and then when he found out that the Executive branch, the president and others lied to him about the danger of Saddam [Hussein], when he realized they had lied to him, he was pretty unforgiving about it.”

Here’s the segment in full:

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