Ron Paul: ‘Democratic Socialism’ Nothing But a Scam

Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders,

June 10, 2016—For Dr. Ron Paul’s latest Myth Busters! segment of the Liberty Report, the former congressman talked about democratic socialism, the type of philosophy Sen. Bernie Sanders claims to subscribe to. But whenever Sanders and his supporters are pressed on the real-world consequences of their philosophy, they often fail to even address the failures of socialism, often claiming that “what they believe in is different.”

But according to the Democratic Socialists of America website, “Democratic Socialists believe hat both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet public needs, not to make profits for a few.” How is that different from what Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro believes in?

When asked to discuss this matter more deeply, this is what Paul said:

“The first thing that comes to my mind is the theme of many of my speeches, if not all of them. [I often make the point] that the point of liberty has been divided for over a hundred years. There’s economic liberty and personal liberty, and one side, the liberals tend to be a bit better on social liberty and conservatives are better on economic liberty, and I want to being them together and make sure that liberty applies to economic activity and social activity but hear what the are describing under democratic socialism is both of them should be run by the government! And they admitted up front so it’s almost, you can say what they are talking about is explicitly the opposite of libertarianism and non-violence, not the use of force. So this is obviously a facade, when they talk about it and it sounds pretty good. ‘Oh democracy, that’s good, and a little socialism,’ they have been taught in school that’s good, that means you care about the poor and that you will help them. But I find the two terms, you know, in many ways, philosophically distasteful.

We accept, as libertarians, the idea that if we have to do it, if we have some of our government o bring about and decide on who the leader should be, the democratic process, a vote would be adequate, but the whole thing is, when you use democracy to determine economic policy, it becomes the dictatorship of the majority. So it’s actually the opposite of protecting minority.

So here we have democratic socialists who pretend that their goal is to take care of the average person, the poor person against the very wealty and the rich and the Wall Street people, at the same time they are endorsing the use of force. And unfortunately, the see themselves as being capable of using government force too narrowly take care of a certain group of people.

What they don’t realize [is that] you can’t control government force once you endorse the principle of force, so if you endorse the principle of welfare redistribution, spending, and borrowing to help a certain group, that’s whoever gets control [and who] pulls the strings, whoever gets control of the government then gets to make all these decisions and, guess what? The welfare state actually helps the wealthy more than the poor people.”


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Image credit: Gage Skidmore.