The Obama Legacy: What It Is, What It Could Have Been

June 10, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, breaks down the Obama legacy.

President Obama has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The news media is saying that he’s doing it to protect his legacy.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that the last thing he wants is a new president who is going to change the direction of America, because if that were to happen, and it turned out to be something good, that would make Obama look bad. That would ruin his legacy.

So he wants a president who is going to continue doing what he’s been doing, and there’s no question that that’s what he’s going to get with Hillary Clinton. With respect to out of control spending and debt, that will continue. Every time the debt ceiling is reached, they’ll go ahead and raise it, and the mountain of debt will continue landing on the American taxpayer.

But more significantly, in the Middle East, we will continue to have four more years of death and destruction, regime change operations, assassinations, refugee crises. All of the things that we’ve had, not only for the last eight years, but really for the George W. Bush administration as well, because, really, President Obama just copied what George W. Bush was doing.

The real shame is that Obama himself could have established a new direction for America. He could have said, all of these interventions in the Middle East have proven to be a disaster, it’s time to bring all the troops home from Afghanistan, from Iraq, from the entire Middle East.

And in fact, he’d alluded that that was what he planned to do, but he continued doing what the George W. Bush administration did, and so now the last thing he wants is a new legacy established by a new president that restores a direction for America of prosperity, peace, and harmony.