The Ritualistic Cult Of Govt And The Pageantry Of Election Season

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June 10, 2016—Americans have a memory problem. It seems like we forget all about the broken promises and massive failures of our candidates that we get so worked up about every four years. I remember my naivety in supporting Barack Obama in 2008. I was in college; I knew nothing about the real world and how government functioned.

I got swept up in the so-called “monumental historic moment.”  But what happened? What has that “historic event” actually done for us? And more importantly, what has he done for his people? Nothing. The war on drugs has continued, the dispropriate number of black people being kidnapped and locked in cages has continued. The wars across the globe have escalated and continued; the spying has increased, and the once covert and deadly drone war has caused countless horror.

Now everyone is making a big deal about Hillary Clinton being the first female presidential nominee.But what will she do? What will she change? What will she do for women? The answer is already in front of us. All we have to do is look at her record. Hillary Clinton is the same as all the men that preceded her. If she were to be elected as president, she would do the same thing for women that Obama has done for black people. Nothing!

She will continue the despotic centralization of power at home and the aggressive expansion of the empire abroad. She will continue the monetary policy of her predecessors increasing and expediting the impending doom of an inevitable financial crash.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll save the anti-Hillary diatribe for another separate post. Here I just want to focus on the show that is politics.

I think Frank Zappa said it best when he said: “politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.”

I think about it like this. Politics is like Hollywood. The actors are the politicians who we supposedly “elect” The directors are the deep state who we never elect (i.e., the CIA FBI NSA Pentagon, Dept. Of Homeland Security, FEMA, etc.. ) and the ones who make it all possible are the movie studios aka the Federal Reserve Bank and their cronies that make up the global banking cartel or as Bill Still calls them, “The Money Changers.”

The mainstream media acts as the public relations (propaganda) department or maybe today they’d be better aptly named “The Ministry of Truth” -the propaganda and historical revisionism bureau from the famous Orwell novel, ‘Nineteen eighty-four.’

The media is supposed to report the news and keep the public informed, but instead, they hype up diversionary stories, provide us with false choices, piddling nonsense and phony “coverage” of debates. No one ever dares to question the fundamental philosophy of government. No one ever dares investigate beyond the surface. We are instead treated like farm animals, only allowed to exist in a tiny cage of prescreened thought, opinion and debate.

We’re shaped into thinking that there are major differences between the Republicans and Democrats. There isn’t. It’s so clearly obvious. They are both for military intervention abroad, militarization of police at home, taxation, the prison industrial complex, the manipulation of our monetary policy, the federal reserve, deficit spending,  entitlements, spying on us and the war on drugs/ the war on people’s personal choices/ war on our individual rights to cognitive liberty.

They’re all the same, and they’re all insane. They’re all authoritarians. They never have nor will they ever change anything. They only create the illusion of progress and change by having one administration make a law, only to have the next one repeal it.  Government creates the problem and government then solves the very same problem that they created. And people think this is progress? The same cult of authority is setting the agenda.

And by the way, the changes are never major fundamental changes that challenge the status quo.

If any president wants to truly challenge the power structure and end the game, they’re dealt with. But, that won’t happen again, because the way the voting system is set up, it prevents a true game changing revolutionary from ever getting in. We saw this with the GOP changing of the rules at the 2012 Convention to keep Ron Paul out, and we have seen it this year with the superdelegates and the voter fraud to keep Bernie Sanders out.

In my lifetime, I’ve been consciously aware of 3 presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama. I was Born in 1984, at the beginning of Reagans second term. I vaguely recall watching  H.W. Bush on T.V. but I wasn’t old enough to have any clue to what was happening, nor did I care. Looking back now, it seems so clear and obvious to me how bogus the presidency is. Sure, as time goes on things change, but nothing is that different at all. It’s still the same ol’ dog and pony show.

I wonder why the older generation still buys in?  I mean, why have they not seen past the illusion and the lies they’ve lived through?

I look at my parents. They’ve lived through the JFK assassination, RFK, MLK, the Vietnam War, Nixons Watergate, Reagans Iran-Contra, Bush’s “read my lips”  Clintons scandals, W Bush’s WMDS & war on terror, and now all of Obama’s failures.

How does one live 65 years and not notice that this is a play, a charade, a farce, a front, a scam!  It is “Political Theatre” for the global 1%. 

Throughout the years, the American people have been expertly marketed to.  It’s always the same things that pushes our buttons and rile us up. We’re such easy marks. The political and media class plays on our fears and emotions with sensitive, personal matters. They’re like the bad guy in James Bond movie who creates the disease, to then, in turn, they’re the only ones who can offer us the only antidote. The cycle repeats itself every 4 years like a broken record. Politicians claiming they’re different serving up tired old slogans, empty platitudes, and false  choices.

They manufacture our consent by promising to alleviate our fears and offer us some kind of protection. It’s a racket! It usually comes as some foreign threat, some vague fear, some other to blame, some differences between the people that get exploited, exposed and then ran on a 24/7 news cycle.

The media is a part of the problem. It has been hijacked by the state to ensure repetition of their ideology. The news reinforces the belief system that they want. We don’t get fair and balanced reporting and challenging journalism with moral integrity. That is long gone. Instead, we get puppets, errand boys, and lap dogs that serve the establishment.

The state doesn’t want real journalism. They fear that the most, well, that and a truly educated and informed public. Knowledge is power and ideas have the power to change the world. As Thomas Jefferson said:

“The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.”

The power seekers want a misinformed, confused, agitated public that collectively holds a superficial belief system. One that doesn’t require too much thought and is easily conveyed in buzzwords and bumper sticker slogans. A screenplay filled with repetition is key to ensuring blockbuster success for the political and media class. They use it to indoctrinate the masses into the cult of their ideology. They reinforce it even stronger by ignoring, ridiculing and laughing at anyone who may hold an opinion that is beyond the sanctioned playpen of approved opinion.

The omnipresent repetition of diversionary stories by the 24/7 entertainment news cycle creates an illusion of “being informed”, but no one is really informed. They’re too busy to be. To really be informed, you have to dig and hunt for the truth. You have to check a multitude of sites varying in perspective. It takes time, and more importantly it takes a willingness to care. That willingness, unfortunately, has been sucked out of many people. They are so set in the way things are. They passively resign to accept and conform to whatever their chosen team is supposed to say and do. They predictably fall in line, essentially operating on autopilot.

However, in this age of information and ease of access, there should be no excuse for not staying informed. Most people choose the easier, lazier option though and opt out, instead filling their time by binging on Netflix shows and arguing about bathrooms on social media.

It makes it easier to control people when they haven’t actually been paying attention to the reality of our situation. That is the way they want it. The power seekers want people to be distracted, apathetic, bored, uninterested, checked out and divided on diversionary non-issues. They can grab more power with more ease by keeping people in this state.

That is why the establishment hates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, because they have rallied the masses to front row seats to a show they don’t want anyone at.

However, constantly lurking in the background of our daily lives is the white noise of the states trumpeters. The mainstream media and entertainment which never challenge the state and program us all to worship them like gods, particularly the military. This infinite repetitive exposure creates a sort of subconscious hypnosis to the masses. Any opposing viewpoint that doesn’t fit into the 2 party narrative is seen as weird, crazy, and foolish.

As time goes on, they always win.We always lose, and nothing ever gets fixed. Why? Because they work for the same masters and they, play for the power and prestige of their time in office, living  for everlasting life in the pages of the states bible, the history books. They control the message being disseminated.

They control the message being disseminated.

They know that “Time heals all wounds” Time is their greatest weapon. The state knows that if there is any protesting or populist uprising, they just need to manage it so they can stay afloat and kick the can down the road till it fades from mainstream public consciousness.  As Carroll Quigley said in his Book ‘ Tragedy and Hope’ ” The American people can throw the rascals out at any election, without ever leading to any major policy change” the individual political actors will get the blame placed on them, not the political system that is the real culprit. So, the philosophical idea of the state is preserved and it essentially gets away with it. The problem can then fall on the next administration and the blame fades.

After a certain amount of time has passed, if the truth is ever revealed, the people who had been affected by the incident during that time have become older, less ambitious, less passionate, beaten down, and forgetful. They die, they retire, and the rest of the people just don’t care. The impact of the release becomes a dull and faded one.

Usually, they declassify documents coinciding with some big distraction like a  big pop culture event. The real news slips through the cracks. They do this when they pass bills as well.

Anyone who seeks power & control over others knows in order to achieve success; they must use a mixture of many different ingredients.  The old model of crude domination doesn’t work anymore. You have to be cunning and surreptitious, concealing your agenda while making the people take part in and take pride in their own enslavement.

They mix in 1 parts dumbing you down, 1 part keeping you confused, 1 part boredom, mix in divisiveness, whip up emotions, create a lot of dependency, sprinkle in some promises of  free things, throw a little dash of sickness,  and mix it all into a giant bowl of fear and paranoia, then a splash of national pride to ensure complacency. This is how they stay in power. This is how the few rule over the many.

But the show must go on. And that’s what it is. A show. The Presidential election season is reality TV. It’s like watching America’s got talent (minus the talent).

But why must we be subjected to this weird, archaic, cult-like ritual of representative democracy?  Its not solving our problems. Why can’t we opt out and secede and live amongst a population of like-minded people? Why do we have to be forced into playing this all or nothing game?

Why are we only allowed two choices? Why has nothing fundamentally important ever changed? Sure some things have changed, but nothing is different. Real problems still lurk below the surface like a tumor silently growing. America is like an old house that needs a total remodeling. Instead, all we get is crappy paint job.

Most people don’t seem to mind. Nobody seems to care. A guy who runs his whole campaign on change and hope, and then delivers none of it evades criticism. That’s fine. After all, he tried his best, right?

Instead of people being in a furious uproar, marching to their windows, sticking their heads out screaming “ I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” they just roll over like a trained dog.  They shrug their shoulders and say “well, what did you expect, that’s politics for ya.” Then there’s the “I told you so” people. They’re the ones that say “see, your guy isn’t the guy. If it were my guy, he’d get the job done”.

The problem with this is that people fail to look beyond the superficial theatricality of the show. Beyond the glitz and glamor of the media and the pageantry of the stage. They fail to peek behind the curtain.

Who’s pulling those strings? Who’s setting up those lights? Who paid for this whole show? And why? Who will stand to gain the most? Who will stand to lose the most?

The question is a philosophical one. We should demand that our politicians be investigating these said questions. The most important question we should be raising every four years is; what should the role of the government be? Instead, we get an egotistical reality TV show rife with name calling and mud slinging. The question then gets turned to the politicians personal life instead of questioning the very nature and existence of the government.

The problem is the game, not the players. The players are the same everywhere. The players are only allowed to behave the way they do because the rules of the game permit them to do so. They are only as cruel as we allow them to be. More importantly, it is our apathy and resignation not to change the game, and to just accept playing in their game the way it is. That is the most infuriating thing.  The notion of “that’s the way it is” and “what are you gonna do?”  This is dumb and lazy.

We can change it! if we care to do so. If we demand to do so.The players in the game are just looking to win; they’re not seeking to change the game. They are the ones that profit the most from the way it is currently set up. They don’t care about you! They think you’re dumb and pathetic. They laugh at us. They laugh at you.

We act like an abused prisoner who has developed Stockholm syndrome. So, every 4 years  our heads poke up out of the ground, our ears perk up, our eyes widen and we get all swept up in the ritualistic cult of government and the pageantry of election season.

We feel important. We feel needed. We feel wanted.We feel liked. We feel like we have a team, that someone is on our side, that someone is fighting for us.Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.  We develop opinions. We think we’re clever and smart. We write about our candidates, our party, our patriotic duty, and our allegiance to democracy. We feel a sense of honor, pride and purpose.We feel Like we have a second chance. We get renewed faith. We believe again. We think “This time it will be different” If we can just get the right people in. If we can jus get the right funding. If the economy can hang on. All of these “if’s” all of these “feelings” and no results. It’s the definition of insanity. It’s like the wacky and weird promises of Scientology and every four years we all turn into a bunch of crazy Tom Cruise’s jumping on Oprah’s couch. It’s bogus.

Nothing is going to change. Nothing ever will, until the people wake up and realize what a sham this all is. We can change the game. We just need to realize, this ain’t the only game in town, and the future is brighter than you could ever dream of.

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