Ron Paul: People ‘Line Up’ to Push Their Cause After Shootings

Ron Paul
Image credit: Gage Skidmore.

June 13, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul talked about the Orlando, Florida shooting, the potential motives behind the tragic attack that claimed 49 lives, and how we can act to prevent similar attacks in the future.

He started his latest video podcast with the following message:

“The subject [we’re dealing with today] is what’s been on the airwaves for the last couple days. Obviously, a real tragedy that occurred in Orlando but [there are] many, many different interpretations. And sorting all this out is not always that easy, especially early on. We don’t have every single fact, we have some facts, and there’s some speculation but we can also see some groups of people lining up to take advantage of the situation to promote their cause.

We have this whole thing, you know, the anti-gay and anti-lesbian, they say well you know, that [was all about hate], then there’s these anti-Muslim [groups] that say, oh yeah, there’s these Muslims, we need more bombs and more bombs in the Middle East, and then we also have the anti-gun people. Including the president. An opportunity, you know, to go after the gun people!

The irony of this whole tack on guns, which everybody suspected, is that more people are buying guns than ever before. You know, [this type of attack] motivates people to understand what’s going on but we have a few other things that we might suggest that [may have] contributed to [the attack], but those are things that people are lining up, [they] never pass up an opportunity to use a tragedy for somebody’s political benefit.”

To learn what these suggestions are, watch the whole video below.

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