After Orlando: How Trump and Clinton Will Make Things Worse

June 14, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, reveals how Trump and Clinton’s reactions to the Orlando mass shooting terrorist attack will only make things worse.

The terrorist attack in Orlando is, needless to say, bringing out the worst in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump is using it to exclaim that we need to keep Muslims from coming into the United States. And, of course, one big problem with that is the terrorist in Orlando was an American citizen, but Trump is saying, well, this is just a Muslim problem.

What does that mean? That he’s going to have a reign of terror to ferret out all Muslims in America and send them outside the country like he wants to do with some 11 million illegal immigrants here. There’s going to be a reign of terror the likes of which the world has never seen if we go down that road.

And Clinton, for her part, is showing statesmanship according to The New York Times, wants to bring the country together. Why doesn’t she show some regrets, some remorse, some sorrow for bringing about the conditions that gave rise to ISIS, which is the organization that the terrorist guy was acting on behalf of? That’s what the regime change operations in Iraq, Syria, Libya and the entire Middle East including the assassination program have done, and continue to do: produce blowback in the form of terrorist attacks.

And that’s the thing that these two candidates just don’t want to talk about. They want to keep the troops over there, they want to kill more people, but they want to hope that there’s just not going to be any revenge or retaliation or blowback. But we know there is. As I’ve said for many, many years now, that this is the greatest terrorist producing machine in history.

There’s only one solution to it. Get all the troops out of the Middle East, bring them home, and discharge them. That’s the key to ending all these American terrorist attacks. That’s the key to getting us on a road to a peaceful and prosperous society.