Bye Bye Bernie: Below the Tension – Episode 9

June 14, 2016—As Bernie Sanders is expected to bow out of the race any day, the host breaks down what it means to be a Bernie Sanders supporter, but finishes the show with a fiery tirade against the Police State.

There are many overlapping ideals or sentiments that are compatible with libertarianism, but there are many more that are not. Great care must be taken to ensure the principles of liberty are not compromised.

As many of you may have seen, a viral video accused google of skewing the search auto-fill feature in favor of Hillary Clinton. Google denies the accusations but Jordan, the host, recalls multiple incidents that google has been tied Hillary Clinton. Eric Schmit, CEO of google, is an admitted Hillary Clinton supporter.

Jordan continues his coverage of the Venezuela crisis with some manipulation by the state. The election committee, which is overseeing the recall vote of President Maduro, says that every one of the 1.3 million people that signed to recall petition must come to an office in person to verify their identity, within 5 days. This is a country where “middle class” people are digging through garbage for food, yet they expect a 1.3 million people to be able to make it to an election office within 5 days.

Summing up the show, the host goes on a fiery rant against two police state news articles. One about the destruction of the second amendment, one about the destruction of the fourth.

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