JUDGE GRAY: Condemn Media for Sharing Orlando Shooter’s Photo

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By Judge Jim Gray

June 15, 2016—So what can be done about acts of terror like that which just occurred in Orlando?

judgegray1Unfortunately we must understand, as mature adults, that there is little that government can do to keep us safe from wanton and random acts of violence.

Realistically, after an hour of thought, you or I could probably come up with ten feasible ways to bring down an airplane. We would probably lose our lives in the process, but increasingly more people seem to accept that result. Or if not a plane, how about a train or a bus, or blowing up a bridge, tunnel or crowded movie theater?

After the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado people were suggesting that magnetic detectors be placed at the entrances of all movie theaters. But those killers came in through the exit.

But one thing that can be done is to insist that the media not broadcast or publish either the names or pictures of these crazed killers. Why? Because there are many losers around the world who would love to be famous—so they tend to engage in copycat acts of violence to get some everlasting fame. We can call them killers, or gunmen or terrorists, but do not publish their names or their pictures—ever!

Now, I am a Libertarian and, for the most part, do not believe in government censorship. But I do believe in responsibility—and it can be enforced by us consumers if we choose to boycott irresponsible publishers of the names and/or pictures of these demented people.

Once social mores are established that condemn this media irresponsibility, we will see a change. And that is one thing we all can do to reduce the number of these tragedies.

Do you believe the media is irresponsible for making killers famous? Sound off below!