Judge Napolitano Not Happy FBI Leaking Orlando Terrorist Wife Info

June 15, 2016—Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst for Fox News, provides greater context for the latest news on the Orlando massacre investigation by the FBI.

“Here’s the highest and greatest charge against her: conspiracy to commit mass murder,” Napolitano told Fox Business on Wednesday. “Even though she never touched the trigger of the gun, [she] can be as liable criminally as the person who pulled the trigger.”

But Judge Napolitano feels uneasy about the FBI leaking “the nature of the information that she gave them,” reportedly that she accompanied her husband, Omar Mateen, on trips where he scouted locations for a mass shooting terrorist attack.

“I’m sorry that they’re doing this leaking. This is an ongoing investigation, and even though I am in favor of transparency, this is transparency too early,” Judge Napolitano said.

Why do you think the FBI is revealing bits of information about the Orlando massacre?