Ron Paul: Brexit ‘Best Thing for the UK’ Ever?

Ron Paul, Brexit, LIbertarian

June 16, 2016—During his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul talked about the much discussed Brexit vote, or the June 23 UK referendum, which will give voters the opportunity to choose if Great Britain remains as part of the European Union.

He begins the show with the following:

“There’s been a lot in the news today about the [Orlando] shooting and the killings and the terrorism and all this kind of stuff, and we’ve talked a lot about that. But really, there’s something in the news today in the financial markets and it’s a worldwide event and a lot of speculation [on] what’s going to happen because on the 23rd, I believe, there’s going to be a referendum and the British people … are going to vote on whether or not to leave the European Union and it’s stirring it up. As a matter of fact, [this subject] even came up … yesterday with [Fed Chair Janet] Yellen at the meetings they had this week on the Federal Reserve and this entered the discussion, what’s going to happen?

And there’s a lot of speculation but one article and a comment made by a friend of ours from all the way back to Thailand, but he’s a world traveler, I believe from Switzerland, but he comes here frequently and that’s Marc Faber … [and he] practices Austrian economics and also is a pessimist on the current status of the economy, but he made a comment that was worth talking about.

He believes [that] if the British would exit the European Union, it would be the best thing ever for Britain. That’s a pretty strong statement and I don’t know what the degree is, but obviously, we’ve been talking about it and we think it’s bad, we think these agreements [between nations] are bad, we wish the United States would leave those agreements too like NAFTA and WTO and everything else. But this is a pretty strong statement from somebody that is well respected. Although he’s a survivalist type, he gets a lot of attention in the ordinary media.”

Watch he full video segment here:

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