Bureaucracy, Regulation & the Welfare State are Holding People Back

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June 17, 2016—In today’s episode, host Marc Clair welcomes back his old pal Seamusin Reilly for an update on his post-Navy life, and to of course have a little chat about the ideas of liberty. Marc and Seamusin go way back to the days of active posting on sites like the Daily Paul and Popular Liberty, and he first joined the show last year for a great talk about natural law.

We discuss:

– Seamusin’s exit from the U.S. Navy and what he’s up to now
– Why the very nature of centrally planned, bureaucratic organizations such as the US Navy are destined to be inefficient and find many sailors partaking in an endless stream of mundane tasks
– How regulation has held so many people back in our economy, and led to the creation of the welfare state
– How the proper way to combat the welfare state is to first combat the conditions that led to it
– So much more!

Discussed in this episode:

– Seamusin’s first appearance on the show in Episode 136!
– Read Seamusin’s writing at Convergent Interests at Liberty.me

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