Ron Paul: The French Ended Up with the Guillotine, We Have Drones

Ron Paul, French Revolution, Moral Authority

June 17, 2016—For Dr. Ron Paul’s latest Myth Busters! segment of the Liberty Report, Dr. Paul offered his input on a series of matters while focusing on one undeniable truth: Government has no moral authority over anybody.

When asked to discuss American exceptionalism, or the idea that the United States government has the moral authority to spread freedom around the world via military force, here’s what Dr. Paul said:

“Well, I’d like to know how they think they should have gained this moral authority because it’s led to a lot of trouble, this whole idea that we are so good and so great and so exceptional that we, therefore, have the moral authority to go and tell the world what to do.

Now, you could make the case and say, ‘well you know, there are some good things about America.’ And I know I would agree. And we should influence the world, and we have, sometimes to a very positive thing, but there’s quite a big difference when a government and in this case, our government, will use force and intimidation to tell people that they better do it, and that’s what it’s gotten into, we’re not setting an example for the world and practicing free market economics, protection of civil liberties, and having a sound currency. No. We’re saying we are naturally exceptional and that we have this moral authority to go.

And that it is our obligation so a lot of people put it in that tone. And they say ‘well yes, we have this obligation because we are better, we’re richer, we’re smarter and therefore we have to do good in the world’ But that is the same thing that motivated those who prompted the French Revolution, the Jacobins!

They believed that they were moving them toward democracy and wonderful things but it ended up with a guillotine and we ended up with drones and a lot of other things, and wars that are preemptive wars, all because we have convinced ourselves we’re doing a good thing.

But the moral authority comes by the assumption of people [who are] either deluded or they have some sinister motives.”

To learn more about what these motives might be, watch the full conversation below:

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