Orlando, Pretext to Destroy the Bill of Rights: Below the Tension

June 20, 2016—In the most epic, jam-packed and heated rant ever produced on Below the Tension, the host, Jordan, completely tears apart US Senator Joe Manchin for his recent statement.

Manchin said to reporters that due process of law is the problem with security in this country and is to blame for “killing us.” Manchin went on to recommend a five-year waiting period after being investigated, whether charged with a crime or not, before having basic civil rights reinstated.

Manchin is not alone in his calls for the destruction of the Bill of Rights following the Orlando shooting. Other government officials, social media figures, celebrities and pundits have advocated for restricting or even abolishing the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the Bill of Rights.

Moving on to more post-Orlando news, it has been reported and verified by the FBI that Omar Mateen tried to purchase level 3 body armor and bulk ammo four to five weeks prior to the shooting. A shop refused to sell him the items and called the FBI directly. However, because shop workers had no information on Mateen other than a description, the FBI had no way of tracing the report to Mateen. This highlights the fact that the security apparatus is in place and is functioning properly. The problem is that when someone is willing to die to accomplish something, it is very difficult to stop them.

People need to come to realize this fact: no amount of rights restrictions will keep you safe.

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