JUDGE GRAY: The Legacy of Liberty

Free man, liberty, Gary Johnson

By Judge Jim Gray

June 21, 2016—Some day in the unknown future I will be dead, and whatever money I made or joys I realized will, in many ways, be insignificant. The only thing that will really matter from my brief existence on this planet will be my effect upon the lives of my family, community and nation. So what do I want that legacy to be? It’s a good thing to think about.

For me, it is that I left the world a little more likely to allow my fellow human beings to live their lives as they choose, i.e. to live in liberty. Or “To Live and Let Live.”

Life is so short, and people should be able to choose how they will live their lives, freely—as long as that does not unreasonably or wrongly affect the ability of others to do the same. So I would like that to be my legacy, and that is why I am supporting the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President.

Of course, your personal purpose could be to Save the Redwoods, support the Performing Arts, or assist the students at the UCLA School of Architecture. But whatever you want your legacy to be, focusing upon what you are actually doing now to achieve it is a gratifying thing to do. Because tomorrow, may be too late.

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