Pouring Gasoline on the Fire of the Welfare-Warfare State

June 21, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, lays out the path the US is on towards Venezuelan-style socialism.

If you want to see where the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton vision is going to take America, just look at Venezuela. I mean there’s the country that is just mired in gigantic economic catastrophe. People are verging on starvation, and it’s all because of the freebies that come with socialism. Free housing, free Social Security, free Medicare, free education, free everything.

But there’s one problem.

It’s not free, because they have to get the money from some place to give out the dole to all these people. Well, they get it from the 1%, taking from the rich. Well, OK. You take from the rich and flatten them, but now there’s a problem. You’ve got another 1%. Oh, no problem. You take all their money, flatten them. Well, there’s always a 1%, and they keep taking the 1% until everybody is dead broke in the society. Everybody’s verging on starvation, like they are in Venezuela.

That’s where the Clinton-Sanders vision is taking this country. We’ve got a mountain of debt, out of control federal spending for the welfare-warfare state, nobody wants to let go of his dole, either on the welfare state side or the warfare state side. Nobody wants to give up all the enforcement mechanisms that cost a fortune like the drug war and the DEA.

Now, that’s not to say that Trump would be any better,. His model would be Benito Mussolini’s Italy, so take your pick. Socialism or fascism? America’s on fire as a result of the welfare-warfare state, and electing either of these two candidates is going to add gasoline to the fire.