Ron Paul: Clinton Foundation Hack Reveals Major Corruption Scheme

Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton

June 22, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul discussed the latest news regarding the Romanian hacker’s breach of the Clinton Foundation server.

He begins the show with the following:

“We have a subject today dealing with the Clintons. And we’re going to look at [it] and solve all the problems and all the mysteries of all the emails and the foundation so everybody knows what’s going on.

I wish I didn’t understand it but we’re seeing and getting more information, of course the big news in the last day or two has been that these Romanian hackers [were able to] hack into the Clinton Foundation report, [and] it’s rather startling.

We already know that ethics is a marginal quality for Hillary you know, she’s been in serious trouble with the FBI and the government on how she handled her emails and some emails just disappeared. Sometimes people get into trouble when they erase evidence but so far she doesn’t seem to be bothered too much and somebody mentioned, you know, that she lost 33,000 emails, and we can’t see them, and they are not available but somebody said yeah, but all the foreign governments have hold of these things too.

But now, now this revelation by hacker, Guccifer number two, has revealed [that he] was able to hack … and give us some startling information on what’s going on and it looks like it was well organized and they just figured they could get away with it. It’s a Bill Clinton foundation, but it looks like it was designed to perpetuate the Clinton dynasty to help Hillary and also help der during the time she was Secretary of State.”

Watch to learn more:

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