Ron Paul: House Democrats’ Sit-In ‘Symbolic of Nation’s Problems’

To the former congressman, sit-in was ’embarrassing’ and a symbol of the problems we have today in America.

June 24, 2016—For Dr. Ron Paul’s latest Liberty Report segment, the former congressman talks about the sit-in protest carried out by House Democrats who demanded a vote on bills that would impose restrictions on firearm purchases for people on US government’s terror watch list.

He begins with the following:

“What we’re gonna talk about today is … that’s a big news, … and that has to do with what went on [the other day] when the Democrats took over the House, and I don’t think they are the leaders, I don’t think they are in charge of the House, I think the Republicans still are in charge, at least they are supposed to be in charge. I don’t think anybody is in charge so it was really chaotic. … But for me, I think it’s a reflection of the problems we have in the country.

Our economic problems, our political problems, our monetary policies and our foreign policy. It’s [all] chaotic and it turns into bickering. ‘It’s your fault, no it’s you fault!’ And sometimes, it’s amazing that they can have this much conflict between the two parties, almost coming to blows. And have the subject [turn into] violent disagreements at the same time, the big issue I still argue [is that] they are too much together.

You know, this wasn’t a discussion of ‘is there a moral right to steal from one group and give it to another’, the establishment of the welfare system which is supposed to help the poor and helps the elite and helps Wall Street. Is this over the Fed secrecy and printing money? Is this over undeclared, unconstitutional wars, the real problem we have with guns? No. This is about bickering and political correctness, and who gets blamed to the point where, of course, this recent killing … in Orlando, Omar Mateen, you know, this is a big issue and this has been an excuse for one side [that says] ‘we need to drop more bombs on those bad guys because it’s all Islam’s fault’. And the other [side says] ‘no, don’t say that, that’s wrong. You can’t blame Islam. Because you might offend somebody. You have to blame guns’!

Well, taking away Second Amendment rights offends a lot of Americans so this is, I think, very symbolic of the problems that we have talked about but we’re talking now a little bit more about this and how we see this.”

Here’s the video in full:

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