Everybody Do The Brexit!

June 27, 2016—The Brexit happened last week in a 52-48 win. The winning side of voters for the “British exit” now allows the country to withdraw from the European Union.

Forget all the hysteria and panic from the globalist chess players. The game is beginning to come to an end. People are fed up with the raw deal they’re getting, and they want out.

Independence is always the first step in the right direction towards more freedom and liberty, and less regulation and control. This is a good thing for the people and a bad thing for the global power structures plotting world domination.

District 12 has peacefully parted ways with Pan Am. Now, hopefully, other countries and states will be inspired to do the same.

An interesting fact to notice is that many people who voted for the Brexit were older, while a majority of younger people voted to stay. I assume it is because most young people do not know the world any different. They’re like a fish in water.

Afterall, the EU was only founded in 1993, when many of them were very young or not even born yet. The EU is all they know. Indoctrinated into the belief of collectivism and “United we stand, divided we fall” propaganda.

People against the Brexit are denouncing Britain as being isolationists. Ha! I can’t help but laugh at that one, considering the country has enjoyed a majority of its world history being globalist conquerors.

Who knows what will happen next. Who will exit next and what kind of ripple effect his will have? Nonetheless, it sure is exciting times we are living in.

Individuals are beginning to wake up and realize they can be free, independent human beings living amongst like-minded individuals in peace and liberty.

The Brexit is the equivalent of Texas leaving the United States. I say Texas because Texas has had the most history of talks of secession and also the land mass is roughly equal. Texas being slightly bigger.

In the United States, we think of our country as being one. It is the USA! And the states, well those aren’t separate countries, they’re just cute little states. We’re all the same, and everywhere you go pretty much the same. But, none of these states are sovereign. They all answer to the Federal Union (government) that is The Untied States. The EU would love to be like the United States. Not so fast global TPP’ers

The next step in my mind would be for the 48% that voted to stay secede and rejoin if that’s what they want. Let the winning 52% be their own country.

So, if they can do it, why can’t we? Why can’t our states secede from the federal government?

Let’s start at our state level. I wish New York Sate to secede, then NYC, then the County, next the town, finally the individual. That’s my dream.

Think about that.Does that seem like an unreasonable request? To withdraw membership from a ruling body? Is that so unfathomable?

If there are differences of opinion between people, then why should they be forced to stay together?

As the great economist and author Walter Williams has said: “State Secession from the federal government is like getting a divorce in marriage.”

Sometimes marriage works out, and sometimes (50% of the time) it doesn’t.
If two people can’t even agree to stay together, to think it can be achieved on a larger scale is just preposterous. In the age of the internet where no idea is bound by borders, it is absolutely unreasonable to let a certain group of people draws up imaginary lines that confine us to a certain geographical area to isolate, dictate and mandate unified rule and conformity over us.

In the age of the internet where no idea is bound by borders, it is absolutely unreasonable to let a certain group of people draws up imaginary lines that confine us to a certain geographical area to isolate, dictate and mandate unified rule and conformity over us?

As a sovereign human being, I disagree with the rule over me. I wish to separate and be free from those who wish to cast orders down upon me. The bigger the state, the bigger the authority. More rules, more regulations, less freedom, more tyranny. That’s not good for me. That’s not good for you.

Right now we’re in an election year in the U.S. I’ve has always been curious. We have two major parties and one minor party (the libertarians) then we have a bunch of undecided, unregistered, non-voters. Why must we all be forced to agree? Why can’t Democrats live with democrats, socialists live with socialists, republicans live with republicans and libertarians live with libertarians?

What’s wrong with the alternatives? I mean, Is this current system really the best we can do? Why must we be forced to stay united even if we do not agree? After all, this is the great freedom of Democracy.

How does democracy equal freedom if 48% of people vote for something they want, and instead they are now forced to deal with something they do not want. How is that freedom? Why can’t those people go their own way?

Going back to marriage for a second. If you enter into a relationship with another, and you begin constantly fighting and are not getting along, never seeing eye to eye on important issues, you become miserable, so then Why should you stay together? You should separate and get a divorce. That is a perfectly reasonable and socially acceptable thing to do in our modern society.

How did the great mighty America come into being? Didn’t we secede from British rule and create the colonies? We even included it in the deceleration of independence. But then…

We created a Frankenstein monster.

Whenever a constitutional question comes up, where else better to turn to than Judge Andrew Napolitano for the Answer. The Judge elaborates on this by saying
” The states created the federal government. When formed, The states originally delegated power to the Federal Government.

If the states didn’t believe that they retained the right to seceded at any time, for any reason, then they never would’ve ratified the constitution. The states are the principles, and the federal government is the agent. The states hired the govt. And therefore states have the right to fire their agent.”

The American empire in 2016 is too big. Why is it that a nation of 390 million people must be ruled by one city? And more Specifically, ruled over by 537 people in one tiny little city, who itself is not a part of the Union?

It makes no sense, at least it makes no sense for the benefit of the people.It makes perfect sense for the long arm of the state.Having this many peeople under your control can allow you to do many “great things” in the name of this all bigger nobler cause.

The Brexit gives hope to us. It’s not too late. Yeah, we’ve been at this party longer, but the keg is dry and its time to go.

So why are they the ones leading the way for liberty? why has the idea of secession been off the table for so long here in America?

Could it be because they want to keep the country large to maintain and grow the military industrial complex and spread the Empire around the globe?

This Is the global 1% playbook and the example the EU followed.Centralization of power for a few. Dominance and control over the many. Hopefully this Brexit will get people here talking about state secession. One can only hope.

Most countries and unions that are larger in size tend to have a larger population.I think the only exceptions may be Canada and Australia. The larger the country, the more people it can have under it’s rule to live and work as tax slaves, generating money that gets taken from them by the ruling government and used to expand the powers of the military-industrial complex.

It’s pretty amazing how the American media and political classes manage to manufacture consent, making everyone buy into collectivism and national pride. The propagandists who drum up this stuff are the ones who profit from our enslavement.

They lean on consistent and repetitive hero worshiping of our military and over-glorification of American myths, historical figures, events and cultural traditions.They uphold unity and togetherness as this inherently noble and moral things. Maybe these are good qualities for people to emulate, but they are not requirements, and they do not serve the interests of the average individual. Instead, they serve the interests of plutocratic state authority.

The longer these myths goes on, the harder it is to break free and think about alternatives. When an alternative is brought up, the political and media classes need not worry. The people they’ve indoctrinated have become their unofficial spokesman for their cause.

They will attack alternative ideas and suggestions with loud shootings of bumper sticker slogans like: ” if you don’t like it here, then leave” “ why don’t you move to North Korea.”

What right does a group of people have to declare authority over other sovereign human beings and call themselves this abstract concept of a nation or state? It’s just an idea, and a bad one at that. It is a collection of people in a given geographical area. It’s people living within invisible drawn up lines we call our state boundaries. It’s not real.

The times, they-are-a-changin’. 

Today, the internet allows for mass connection of people, cultures, and ideas to spread lighting fast. It doesn’t matter where you live. We are living in the time of the “global village” as Marshall McLuhan described. McLuhan also said “the medium is the message” the medium is the internet, and the internet is freedom. Freedom from oppression, manipulation, subjugation, fear, borders, boundaries, and tyranny.

Nowadays, people can work, share and collaborate with individuals all over the globe not restricted by geographical location. So why should governments try to maintain this illusion of separateness?

Why can’t People that share the same ideas get together and organize their own society? Or just be free individuals operating under their own independence. Totally free. Cage free humans.
The great libertarian author, philosopher, and economist Murray Rothbard says in his essay, Anatomy of the State: “we are not the government, and the government is not us.”

The “we” effect stops people from thinking that they are separate from the country they live in. They think they are one in the same, and the worship of the state becomes a holy and sacred ritual to them.

Why must a country with so many diverse races, religions, cultures, beliefs and ideologies be forced to unite, to share one belief? There is supposed to be a separation of church and state but that’s misleading the state is the church now, and the religious doctrine of the land is uniformity. Secession is blasphemy! You are a heretic that deserves to be burned at the stake for questioning the one true God: the mighty American empire.

If we are really free, then we should have the right to come together as free people and choose where we want to draw lines. But we are not free. Originally when the lines were drawn, and the states were created, they were looked at as essentially being their own countries. The States had far more freedoms and rights than they do now. It would be extremely beneficial for free people to live under that model. The model that the Brexit has shown us is possible is the model to go back to.

We were warned of these states becoming what they are today. This quote from Tom Woods latest book, Real Dissent: A libertarian sets fire to the index card of allowable opinion, really grabbed my attention.

It is from Robert E. Lee, and he says, “the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that preceded it.”

The one vast republic, we have become. But who is this good for? what progress and liberation does this give to the people? It doesn’t. It only gives more power to the state.

No state has ever just handed over power, and certainly does not tolerate speaking about separation. So obviously the state does not want secession because for each secession, creates smaller countries that exist in proximity to each other, each with their own currency and laws. This spells trouble for any governing body of authority because each countries rulers will then wield less influence, control and power over their populous. As Tom Woods said in his talk at the Misses Institute:

” The more territorial units you have next to each other the more pressure, there is on the political leaders to behave because it’s easy to exit and go somewhere else, so they are restrained by competition.”

I remember traveling to Laos, in Southeast Asia Last year. Americans don’t really know anything about Laos, and I have to admit I did not either until I got there. Laos is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people, who I feel great sympathy for. I’ve seen many people here living in extreme poverty. Men women and children with missing limbs, blown off by unexploded bombs. Millions of unexploded bombs left over from the United States military from dropping bombs during the Vietnam war.

It’s referred to as the “Secret War”, although I don’t think you can call it a war because as comedian Bill Hicks famously put it: A war is usually categorized as: TWO ARMIES FIGHTING.

More than 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos. Over 580,000 bombing missions. That equals out to bombs being dropped every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years straight, making Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. Can you Imagine that? And it’s called “the secret war” There were more bombs dropped by the Untied States of America on Laos than ALL the bombs that were dropped in world war two combined.The unexploded U.S. Bombs bought and paid for, all thanks to the hard-earned tax dollars of the good old’ patriotic citizens of the United States America.

So, why is this relevant?

Because things like this don’t happen at the hand of smaller countries.Could you imagine bombs being dropped on that same scale by a country as small as Delaware? Countries that size don’t have global military empires that spend billions of dollars on advanced weaponry to invade, occupy and scorch the earth, killing innocent men, women, and children.

Small, local, decentralized territories keep others in check. Secession must be discussed here in America. If you are for death destruction and imperialism, then this isn’t for you, but if you oppose those things, then we should fight for smaller territorial units.

Fight for secession! Because large empires are evil and by living and contributing to the empire, you are contributing to the perpetuation of evil. America is an empire that is too big. Again, we have over 319 million people being governed by a little over 500 people? In one tiny city !! This is madness! The ratio of representation is absurd. We now have one representative for every 730,000 Americans. This makes no sense.

We need to educate ourselves and the people around us to the reality of the world we live in. It is a tough obstacle because of who we (the American people) have become in this day in age. I think one of the biggest problems with America that I’ve noticed, especially by traveling and meeting people from all over the world is that; we are completely isolated.

We are Isolated, geographically and mentally. “We” are isolated from the rest of The world and yet “we” (the state) is not isolated, having an imperial presence with over 500 military bases in 150 countries. It’s messed up.

“We” are an empire that is teetering on the brink of collapse. We can not continue to live this way. At least morally, I can not. It’s your job to help spread the word, educate people because most Americans have no idea, nor do they care. Instead, they take pride in their ignorance and isolation. Most Americans haven’t thought too much about this. They are a product of their environment. By default, they are ethnocentric and egotistical. They think the rest of the world is wacky, scary and unsafe.

I will quote Tom Woods again, who says, “of course Americans have this perspective, our politicians, and media class tell us constantly that we are the most awesome of the awesome and that no other country is as awesome as us.”

The Lego Movie soundtrack comes to mind as well, with the song “Everything is Awesome!” The message is:

But, the message we get fed is:

Dear Citizen,

Don’t even bother thinking about any alternatives, don’t go looking elsewhere, because everywhere else is dangerous, barbaric and uncivilized. If America were to divide it would be chaos! Stay a citizen and denounce others who talk of secession. Everything is awesome. United together we stand, divided we fall.One Nation Under God. Remember we all have to get along. Unification is the only way to happiness and prosperity. Now, say ten pledge of allegiances and five national anthems, and you will be absolved of all sin.


The State

Keeping us isolated and ignorant and reinforcing national pride and extreme patriotism makes it so easy to make the idea of secession sound blasphemous. They need to keep us tax slaves here, in the human factory farm that is the United States of America.

The state wants as many people as it can get under it’s rule to fuel the military industrial complex.

Stay united, work hard be a good patriotic citizen, don’t ask questions, don’t think just be productive so you can do your civic duty and contribute to the empire’s monopoly on violence, it’s reign of death, destruction, fear and intimidation abroad and now more present as well at home.

Secession must be talked about more, not deemed as heresy. It is a perfectly reasonable thing to discuss and to begin taking action in.

Intelligent like minded people must stand up take action. I don’t think it’s impossible. Living on a smaller political scale is a more sustainable, civilized and more humane way to live.

Why can’t we separate and live under our own rules that we agree upon? Why can’t we live in peace and harmony in a smaller localized and decentralized area? Is it because the government we live under wants us to remain tax slaves to maintain and expand it’s global empire or is there some other reason?

No one in history has ever handed over power. No state will ever just let us go. We need a majority willing to take action. Count me in for opting out of state control and secession. Let’s all do the Brexit! And let’s Exit!