‘Freedom Watch’ Returns: Judge Napolitano Talks Trump FoPo

June 28, 2016—Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst for Fox News, is arguably the most widely recognized libertarian on mainstream television. His show, Freedom Watch, aired online and on the Fox Business Network between 2009 and 2012, but could it be making a comeback?

In an online segment fit for TV, Judge Napolitano welcomed KT McFarland as his guest on Tuesday. She was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan and is now a Fox News national security analyst, and her thoughts on Trump are nuanced, especially on foreign policy.

Judge Napolitano set the stage, an “anomaly of a liberal Democrat running to the right of a self-proclaimed conservative Republican.”

“Mrs. Clinton is far more bellicose,” Napolitano said. “Far more willing to resort to the military and Donald Trump is less in every instance,” to which McFarland agreed.

“How did this come about? Because much of what Trump has been saying, if he sticks to it and if he’s thought it through, two big ifs, sounds more like Ron Paul than Mitt Romney or John McCain or any of the Bushes,” Napolitano added.

McFarland then shared “what I like about him.”

“Like Reagan in 1980, Trump has come in and said, wait, for 15 years we’ve had foreign policy that didn’t work. Reagan said the same thing,” McFarland said.

Napolitano closed the segment with an ad-lib to his familiar sign-off: “From New York, defending freedom, whenever they let me, see you next time, America.”