Libertarian Moment: America’s ‘Exit’ From Government

By Judge Jim Gray

screen-shot-2016-06-13-at-10-49-31-am-1024x600June 28, 2016—In my view, this past week the English voters took a big step toward taking back their liberty by voting to withdraw from the European Union. What were the problems that prompted the support for exit? Those voters were seeing issues, large and small, that addressed their daily lives increasingly being controlled by unelected and unresponsive bureaucrats in Brussels.

One of the large issues was losing control of their nation’s borders as a result of what they believed were the too liberal policies of the EU on immigration. And many other smaller issues came from a host of dictates about, for example, not being able to use particular types of hair dryers or electric teapots because they were deemed to be using too much electricity. And the voters ultimately rebelled: “Don’t mess with my tea!”

Most of them understood that there were would be some adverse economic consequences to their withdrawal, but they chose liberty anyway.

There is a distinct lesson for Washington in the British vote. Today many people are increasingly seeing the same results in our country that the voters saw in Britain.

More and more decisions are being made by unelected and unresponsive powerful vested interests and federal bureaucrats in Washington about important things like education, housing, healthcare, drugs and childcare that appear dictatorial. So maybe we should have an “Amerexit” from Washington—in the same name of liberty and more local control. Actually, that rebellion has already started, and it is being led by Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President.

Thomas Jefferson once said that we should have a revolution every generation in an effort to keep the vested interests at bay. It has been a long time, but now that revolution is here.

I ask you to support this libertarian movement against an unelected and largely unresponsive bureaucratic system that has been growing for decades. It is long since time to listen to Jefferson.

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