Trump Takes Back Muslim Ban as Polls Show His Support Wane

June 28, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, presents two ideas for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Donald Trump is backing away from his plan to ban all foreign Muslims from coming into the United States. No doubt this is partly because public opinion polls showing that he is falling in comparison to his opponent Hillary Clinton. Trump now says that what he’s going to do is just ban terrorists from that part of the world that are likely to produce terrorists.

I’ve got an idea for Trump. Why not just find those areas where the US government, the national security establishment, is killing people and destroying homes and businesses and supporting brutal dictatorships. When you find those areas, those are the areas where you’re going to find the terrorists. ‘Cause that’s where terrorist blowback comes from.

But I’ve got an even better idea for Trump. Why not stand for calling for bringing all the troops home now? They’ve been killing people in the Middle East and Afghanistan for 25 years on an ongoing basis. Where has it gotten them? Where has it gotten us as Americans? All we do, we just keep losing our liberties in response to every terrorist blowback that occurs.

If they bring the troops home, stop the war on terrorism, the war on ISIS, the war on Taliban, the war on al Qaeda, the war on whatever, then all of a sudden, the terrorist blowback disappears. And so does the ongoing crisis environment, and of course at that point, the people start questioning the whole existence of the national security establishment. That old Cold War dinosaur that is still with us, that continues to provoke crises either in the Middle East or Afghanistan or Russia, China, whatever.

If we bring all the troops home, which is what we should do right now, the terrorist blowback disappears. The crises go away, and then we’re on the road to a peaceful, prosperous, harmonious society.