Does Brexit Put Liberty at Risk?: The Libertarian Angle

June 29, 2016—On this episode of The Libertarian Angle, Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling of the Future of Freedom Foundation discuss Brexit and its implications for liberty. Though they both generally support the vote of Great Britain to leave the European Union, there are also associated risks to liberty to assess.

“We need to keep something in mind,” Ebeling says. “If one is an advocate of individual liberty and limited and decentralized government as an institutional companion to preserving liberty, as classical liberals and libertarians do, it is very easy to become euphoric.”

“‘Oh, these centralized structures are falling apart. Oh, first Britain leaves the EU. Maybe then some other countries, then so on and so on,'” Ebeling portrayed.

“But we have to remember this, that there are two undercurrents going on right now, and one is people who resent this unrepresentative centralized power controlling their lives, what seemingly, when people have been asked, what is a prime mover in the leave vote in Great Britain in this referendum,” he continued.

“But there’s another undercurrent here. And that is there is an emergent hyper-nationalism and protectionism, because for many people who have been chafing under these centralized rules and regulations of the European Union structure, they say this elite, this unrepresentative body of managers and bureaucrats. ‘They talk about neoliberalism and an open world, and look what this is doing. They’re screwing over our lives with all these controls, imposing this upon us from Brussels.'”