Ron Paul Discusses Istanbul Bombing, US Involvement in ME

Ron Paul, Turkey attack

June 29, 2016—Dr. Ron Paul used his latest Liberty Report segment to talk about the deadly bombing that killed over 40 people in Istanbul, Turkey.

He begins the video podcast with the following:

“Another incident. And it’s stirring up a lot of people, rightfully so, we should be stirred up and that is more bombing and more killing. And this bombing in Istanbul, at the airport, involving three suicide bombers and [41] dead and [237] wounded. It’s very serious stuff. But it’s really a mixture over there.

We constantly work on trying to figure out who the rebels are, how many rebel groups there are and whose side is everybody on and how Russia’s involved within, the Iranians are involved, Israel’s involved, the United States is involved, the Turks are involved, it gets very confusing. So all of a sudden now we have a major bombing in Turkey, [and] Turkey has been very much in the middle of all this trying to pick and decide what is in their best interest, it gets quite confusing. Even though the Turks shot down a Russian plane not too long ago and there was conflict, it seems like … that conflict has softened a bit but this thing still goes on and it’s [a] problem but this killing is sad and most people right now, if you go out and talk to the average person watching television, and there’s no reason for me to say it’s not true that ISIS had something to do with it. But ISIS didn’t take credit for it, so that raises a little question.

Somebody said, ‘well, they don’t take credit for things in Turkey’. It goes on and on. But we do know that it was deliberate, it was done by somebody who was willing to commit violence and sacrifice their life for something they believe in.”

Watch the whole thing below to learn more:

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