Ron Paul: What I Resent About Bureaucracy Is ‘Gov’t Unto Itself’

Ron Paul, #AskRon

June 30, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report video segment, Dr. Ron Paul answered questions from fans on Twitter.

Many subjects were brought up, including US policy toward Cuba, Benghazi, bureaucracy, and forced association.

When asked what government bureaucracies he believes to be necessary, Dr. Paul replied:

“Well, right off hand, not very many!

I’d like to get rid of about 90 percent of it or more. And the people that remain in we’d probably not have to call them bureaucrats. But you know, the founders had a pretty good idea about what to do because they had an idea that we needed a few departments to run the national government, they thought we should have a state department so that we can only relate to and have diplomatic relationships with other countries, [also] a treasury department.

At the time, they were thinking that the Treasury would make sure that the coins were full weight and nobody was cheating, nobody was counterfeiting but, [the] Treasury, yeah, of course, it wasn’t meant back then to just borrow money and print money, but they recognized that we had to have a Treasury but then they also thought that, you know, it’s a rough world out there and there might be a time when the people, through the Congress, would have to declare war. So they had a Department of War. So, that was it. And yet today, look at what we have. So many departments, so many agencies under [each] department, nobody knows, nobody, even if they wanted to know exactly what was going on, not one person could figure it out.

But the part that I really resent about the bureaucracy is the government unto itself. They can write the laws and they can enforce the laws and you will be considered guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Just think IRS. And that is a very bad system.”

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