Clinton Responsible for Benghazi ‘In a Much Larger Sense’

Hillary Clinton

July 1, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, explains why Hillary Clinton holds responsibility for the tragic killings in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton is celebrating the fact that the latest investigation into the Benghazi killings absolved her of the responsibility for failing to save the lives of those Americans.


What she fails to understand is that she is responsible for those deaths in a much larger sense.

She’s a regime changer and specifically she favored the regime change in Libya. In fact, when President Barack Obama was wavering on whether to do a regime change operation he called on her as Secretary of State and she’s the one who prevailed on him to do the regime change. And of course, she says “oh, we need to protect the Arab Spring protestors!” Nonsense. She wanted to get rid of a dictator that was no longer on the favorites’ list.

Like what the Obama administration has done with the totalitarian military dictatorship in Egypt. They furnished them weaponry and of course, they are the ones that have smashed the Arab Spring out of existence.

But it was bizarre. She goes to Libya like a Roman consul in the days of the Roman Empire and says, “we came, we saw, and he died!” She was gloating and then, of course, the whole thing turns to pot and she blamed it on them. She says “well, we gave them an opportunity, we knocked out their regime, it’s their fault for failing to take advantage,” the fault of the Libyan people that they are now mired in this civil war.

It’s no different with the Iraq intervention she favored, the Syrian intervention that she favors. We’re going to get four more years of this. And then, of course, she’s going to do like Obama and George W. Bush did, take away our liberties even more here at home in order to keep us safe from all the regime change operations that she’s going to be affecting overseas.

It is time to throw this philosophy of foreign interventionism into the dustbin of history. Because othrewise, it is taking our country down.