Lions of Liberty: Is It Time for a Tax Revolution?

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By Lions of Liberty

July 1, 2016—In today’s episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in Adam de Angeli, the Tax Watch Project Director at the Tax Revolution Institute! What’s that, you ask? Well, listen to find out, silly! But before we get into all that, Adam discusses his history of activism for libertarian causes, first spurred on by the Ron Paul Presidential campaign in 2008. We then dovetail into his work with the Tax Revolution Institute and their mission statement.

While TRI has broader goals to drastically alter the US tax system, it was formed with the specific purpose of battling a looming change to an IRS regulation which would spell doom for non-profit groups engaged in any sort of political activism, posing a serious threat to free political speech in the US Adam explains exactly how this rule will quell free political speech, and puts out a call to action to raise awareness for this rule and how people can get involved and help.

Stay tuned after the interview, as Marc goes on a little rant about taxes!

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