Jacob Hornberger: It’s Time to Challenge Foreign Interventionism

Jacob Hornberger

July 5, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, explains why it’s time we begin challenging the notion of interventionism abroad.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be battling over the issue of interventionism and foreign affairs in the upcoming presidential race.

Clinton will be saying “oh, we need to intervene everywhere, bomb everyone to impose American values and settle conflicts overseas, especially in the Middle East,” and Trump will be essentially saying the same thing but he’s going to do it on a more selective basis. But notice that neither one of them will be questioning the very notion of interventionism itself. Hopefully, the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Libertarian Party ticket will bring that issue to the forefront.

Why should the US government be intervening in the affairs of other countries? Why should [the US government] impose values by military force on other people? Look what foreign interventionism has done to people in the Middle East. It’s turned the whole Middle East into a cauldron of death and destruction unlike the paradise that they promised it was going to happen when they invaded Iraq and killed multitudes of people.

And look at what [interventionism] has done to America. Out-of-control federal spending and debt, destruction of rights and liberties here at home, and the constant threat of terrorist blowback.

But if the root of all this are the old Cold War apparatuses which Americans still [and] also need to question, NATO, the military industrial complex, the national security establishment, they are the ones that say they are doing all these things, intervening “in order to keep us safe.” But look what they have done to our country in that process.

It’s time for us to challenge the notion of interventionism, Empire, the overall statist philosophy that guides this people. Because that’s what’s going to get us back on the road to freedom, peace, harmony, and prosperity.