Rand Paul Goes After Clinton, FBI Over ‘Loss of Rule of Law’

Rand Paul Hillary Clinton FBI
Image credit: Gage Skidmore

July 6, 2016—In an opinion piece for Time, the junior US Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul expressed his views on the FBI’s announcement concerning the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

He started off by saying that while many believe we live in a nation of laws, the FBI’s failure to indict former Secretary of State Clinton for breaking the rules shows the opposite.

If the FBI’s decision is accepted, Paul wrote, “we will have become a nation of two sets of laws: one for the Clintons, and one for everyone else.”

Here’s part of the text:

“Any career civil servant or military offer who had been so ‘careless’ with national security and classified information would have had his or her security clearance stripped at a minimum, possibly been fired, and certainly have been open to criminal charges.

In fact, when one ambassador chose to use his own email server to send his traffic, in violation of a multitude of laws and procedures, the State Department cited it as one of the main reasons for his ouster. The Secretary of State at that time? Hillary Clinton.

The Justice Department prosecuted NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake with charges that could have led to 35 years in prison.

General David Petraeus was charged and pled guilty to similar classified breaches; he faced two years probation and a $100,000 fine.

There are plainly written laws about this—Title 18 USC Sections 793 and 798, among others. The FBI director singlehandedly changed the meaning of the law Tuesday when he decided that if the intent to harm was not present, then there is no violation. That’s clearly wrong both by plain reading of the law and by practice of previous prosecutions. Gross negligence is the standard, not intentional harm. The top law enforcement officers in our country should know this.

But the rules and laws are apparently for the other people, not for Clinton. It’s disgusting, and it should preclude Clinton from ever holding high office again.”

The senator’s harsh words over this event were first noted moments after the FBI’s release was published when Paul took to Twitter to criticize both officials and Clinton.

Here’s part of his rant:

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