The Real Lessons of July 4th Most Americans Missed

July 6, 2016—”One’s own government can become a great threat,” Jacob Hornberger tells Richard Ebeling, both of the Future of Freedom Foundation, on this latest episode of The Libertarian Angle. Hornberger and Ebeling reflect on the Fourth of July holiday and the War for Independence.

“They think that the British government was some kind of foreign government that the American people were fighting against,” Hornberger said of the average person celebrating on July 4. “Well, it was nothing of the sort. These were not American citizens. They were not great Americans fighting for freedom. They were British citizens. They were as much British citizens as you and I are Americans, and they were taking on their own government.”

“We fire up the bar-b-que, we throw on the hot dogs and the burgers and wave the flags and watch the fireworks displays in the evening. What gets lost in all of this pageantry, as some view it as a mid-summer holiday, is the very points that you’re raising,” Ebeling agreed.