Ron Paul: Iraq War Was a War of Choice, Not Necessity

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July 7, 2016—For the latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul discussed the Chilcot Report, formally referred to as the Iraq Inquiry, a British public inquiry launched in 2009 by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and published on July 6th, 2016.

The inquiry sought to clarify Britain’s involvement in Iraq between mid-2001 and July 2009, and it’s known as the Chilcot Report due to its chairman, Sir John Chilcot.

According to the report, Iraq was a war of choice, not of necessity.

Ron Paul begins the video with the following:

“Well, there’s a report, released [recently], a British report. It has to do with an investigation [that] has been going on for seven years and it was asked for by [Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labor Party] Gordon Brown, and they just finished it and it’s called ‘Chilcot Report’ and it was released and, you know, it exposes the lies and I guess, should we be surprised?

I mean, I’m not surprised but at least it’s official. I mean, Chilcot is a respected individual and he spent a lot of time on [the report], and didn’t really pull too many punches and doesn’t make Tony Blair look like any hero. We’ve talked a lot about the [Iraq] war but it’s interesting that they are catching up.

Of course, I think the most important thing that I get from this report is they now know, admit to the information that even back in 2003 was available to somebody who really wanted to look and make the case for not going to war, and there were quite a few individuals making that case and yet now, these many years later, they are finally coming up so it’s pretty hard to come to the conclusion that something good has come of this. But I would guess, the only thing that might be good to come of this would [be if it would] just wise up people as to how governments lie their people into wars. (emphasis mine)”

Watch the full conversation below:

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