TSA Beats Up Teenage Disabled Cancer Patient: Below the Tension

July 7, 2016—Returning from a week-long vacation, your host Jordan picks up exactly where he left off with a myriad of “below the tension” headlines and fiery opinion rants.

Starting off with the top story, Teflon Hillary slipped out of her two major scandals, Benghazi and Emailgate. As someone who handled classified information, the host would be fired and his security clearance pulled at the minimum; if not prosecuted and convicted at most.

Moving into the meat of the podcast, the TSA beat up a disabled teenager who just returned from cancer treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. What’s worst is that her mother was also injured with  broken foot at the time. The mother tried to intervene and explain that her daughter was disabled. Instead, TSA agents and police slammed her head into the ground when the girl started to panic.

Finishing up with foreign policy and technology news, the host covers an air purifier that turns pollution into jewelry, John McCain making an “unprecedented” visit Pakistan (that never ended badly, right?), scientists say the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is healing, the government is allowed to mercilessly robo-call americans (but for everyone else, it’s illegal), private free market solar power is actual viable, and much much more! Subscribe to the podcast today!

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