Ron Paul: Free Trade Is the Only Fair Trade

Ron Paul free trade

July 8, 2016—For Ron Paul’s latest Liberty Report Myth-Busters! segment, Dr. Paul begins by saying that, “Today, I believe, we’re going to talk a little bit about the trade issue, which seems to be always in the news in this time of economic peril.”

Liberty Report’s editor, Chris Rossini explains that “there’s two primary ways that a person can get what they want in this world, one is the peaceful way, which is trade, voluntary trade with others, and the other is the violent way, which is politics and government force to get what you want.” While libertarians are always advocating for the peaceful way, Rossini explains, “There’s a lot of pushback for violence.”

When asked to talk more about this concept and help others understand why free trade is the “lifeblood of peaceful civilization,” here’s what Dr. Paul says:

“Both forms have been around for a long time because they contest each other. It’s natural to have free and voluntary trade because people own property, they are supposed to own the fruits of their labor, and they’re supposed to use money in order to call up transactions. But there’s also those people who would like to use force. They could use force as individuals, but most likely, most of the damage has been done by special interest, special groups who will use the government to use force and to control the trade. So this is a problem that has existed for a very long time. I mean, we have different varieties of it, I see that sometimes we have free trade, sometimes they call it fair trade, some call it socialism, some call managed trade, and sometimes we have no trade.

But most of the problem comes from the issue of a moral principle because individuals should have a right to their life and there’s a lot of talk of right to my life and right to my liberty, and it’s in the Constitution, but they don’t emphasize … that you have a right to the fruits of your labor.

Your efforts, what you produce should be part of you and it’s yours and you should be able to do with it what you want. But the assumption now in this country is that it belongs to the government. And therefore they have a right to regulate, they have a right to tell you how much you have and if you want to buy cheap products from overseas you don’t have the moral right to do that because it might look like you’re hurting somebody.”

Watch the full conversation below: