News You Missed During Dallas Shooting: Below the Tension

July 11, 2016—In the wake of the Dallas shooting, and for that matter, any national or international tragedy, this podcast is more important than ever. Below The Tension covers news that never made the headlines on a normal news day. However, when huge new stories break, the media is inundated with the story and it is very hard to find any other interesting or important stories.

To start off the show, the host takes a few minutes to frame the world as a whole. Statistics show that, without a doubt, we are living in the most peaceful times in human history. Not only from hundreds or thousands of years ago, but just in the past century and past few decades, violence across all metrics has fallen. These metrics include violence against women, children, war and genocide.

Also, it is very important to frame the political landscape of the US. Princeton University proved that the United States is not a democracy or republic, but is in fact an oligarchy. The study proved that corporate, banking and business interest influences Congress and governments at a much higher rate than the interests of individual citizens.

Moving on to news, Below The Tension covers news that Hillary Clinton will face a restarted State Department investigation into her emails. The State Department said that disciplinary action can be taken on their part.

We also have a Venezuela update, congresswomen indicted for charity fraud and other “below the tension” news brought to you on this episode.

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