Clinton, Trump Threaten Fundamental Right to Freedom of Trade

July 12, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, makes the case for free trade and individual liberty.

Donald Trump is insisting to the mainstream media that he is pro-trade. Well, duh. Who isn’t? You can’t go through life without trading with others. You go into a grocery store and buy groceries, you’re entering into trades.

What Trump is saying is that he’s going to dictate the terms under which people are going to be using their own money. That is to say, he’s deciding with whom people are going to be permitted to trade.If he says Americans will not be permitted to trade with Chinese citizens, than Americans are expected to comply with his dictate.

That is, if they persist in doing so in violation of his orders, he will fine them and, if necessary, even jail them. It’s all part of Trump’s economic philosophy that really orients toward economic fascism.

Now, Clinton on the other hand orients toward socialism, but at a fundamental level, she believes the same thing he does. For example, she’s been a big promoter of sanctions and embargoes against people in countries like North Korea, Iran, Cuba.

The idea is squeeze, and cause as much suffering as you can to the people in these targeted countries, until they oust their dictator from power and install a pro-US dictator in his stead. But, again, the sanctions and the embargoes are on the American people. If they persist in trading with people in these targeted countries, Clinton will put them in jail or fine them, just do bad things to them.

So at a fundamental level, there’s really not any difference when it comes to trade with respect to Clinton and Trump. What we really need in this country is a libertarian revival of the spirit of economic liberty. The American people say to Clinton and Trump, ‘you’re not going to control what I do with my own money. This is my fundamental right, freedom of trade, the type of right that Jefferson talked about in the Declaration of Independence.’