Ron Paul: Media, Gov’t Misinformation Helps to Grow War Machine

Image credit: Gage Skidmore

July 14, 2016—For Ron Paul’s latest Liberty Report video segment, Dr. Paul talked about polls suggesting that Americans support a reduction in military spending when they are educated on how much government truly spends. T

To Paul, the fact Americans aren’t aware of how much of their money goes to the military makes them easy targets, prompting politicians and media personalities to ignore this subject altogether. The result is a tremendous growth in government and tyranny.

Here’s how Paul started his last podcast:

“Our country worries about spreading American exceptionalism. We’ve talked about that and of course, there are different ways to look at the word exceptional. Most people who talk about that are talking about forcefully  going about the world and teaching them about our wonderful democracy and how we run things here in our banking system and our taxing system, and then they sorta think that we are the epitome and we should spread that message.

Of course, I think of other things when I want to spread our exceptionalism, but I’ll tell you, I found something where we really are number one on and that is: exporting weapons. [Many claim that that is] probably something that serves our interests, very very limitedly. [But] I can’t believe it serves our interests at all. It serves the interests of the military industrial complex.  [And] it’s not a couple of bucks, it’s over $40 billion of weapons we send overseas, so we’ll talk about the military industrial complex, and we’ll talk a little bit about this later on. But we usually think, well, we’re building … 35 planes we don’t need, and we are building up our military, and this sort of thing. This is just selling weapons and you know that a lot of times it supports the military industrial complex and a lot of times, these sales are guaranteed, you know, through subsidies and guaranteed loans, Export-Import bank loans, and all these tings, but it’s always, you know, with mischief [that] we’re are so-called selling these weapons and that usually involves foreign policy.

If I had this authority to wave my magic pen, and just strike all of those sales, I know what would happen with the lobbyists, but do you think it would hurt us in any manner?”

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