Bernie’s Faux Revolution

July 15, 2016—We’ve heard it over and over again all season long from the self-proclaimed democratic socialist senator from Vermont: “It’s a political revolution!”

“It’s a political revolution!”

Is it? Was it? I mean, what is a revolution exactly? This word gets thrown around a lot, but what does it truly mean?

To some people, it just means making a sign and wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt.

They don’t know what real revolution is, and I don’t think Bernie Sanders knows either.

The establishment that he denounced so much never saw him as a real threat. They smirked at him like a cute little dog trying to jump up onto the kitchen table to grab a piece of steak, but never quite making it.

Bernie slammed the big banks and the 1%, but he didn’t really threaten the establishment. He didn’t pull the entire curtain back. He played in the sandbox, and the powers-that-be made sure he played by their strict rules of the game.

As much as people like to think he was a shoot from the hip, “tell it like it is guy,” he just wasn’t. He operated within the bounds of approved debate language and conduct. A part of me likes to entertain the funny idea that liberal thinks tanks dreamed this whole theatrical show up from the get-go to get more Dem voters for Hillary.

I imagine it went something like this:

” Hmm, the youth rallied around Ron Paul in 2012.”
“Who can we convince to run this year that’s like Ron but will serve our interests and bow down to us?”
“Oh, perfect! how about this old white-haired senator from Vermont?”

I mean, seriously, who better to inspire the youth of 2016 than a hollowed out bizarro world Ron Paul-esque type?

Why not let him have his little “revolution” as long as he doesn’t cross the line and break the rules? Who better be their errand boy to recruit new Democratic voters?

As far as we all know, there’s been no information to reveal the above to be true. It’s fun to imagine the grand conspiracy though. So, let’s just say it was all authentic.

Bernie opposed Hillary, but he didn’t go all the way. He played it safe. He hedged his bets. By doing this, Bernie knew he could endorse Hillary and persuade his followers to vote for her to stop the #1 enemy: Donald Trump.

This is what is now happening. All of a sudden, Bernie’s revolution isn’t about winning. It’s about defeating the other guy.

That doesn’t sound very revolutionary to me.

Bernie likes to paint himself as the rebel, fighting outside of the system. That’s not true. Bernie’s not anti-establishment. He’s been in the political arena for over 30 years.The system still stands!

In the end, Bernie was just a hip, trendy commodity like a Che Guevara T-shirt, to be bought and sold by mustache-twirling hipsters.

It is not a political revolution. It’s a faux revolution.

bernie rev

Bernie’s revolution was confined and controlled. It appears like there was a big change, but nothing significant happened. Mainly because Hillary and Bernie are both socialist authoritarians.

The establishment still stands. The Washington machine candidate still stands and is now endorsed by the very person who opposed her the most. Unbelievable.


Of course, Bernie and his followers will say the main concern is to stop Donald Trump. It’s funny, though, because in many ways the two are very similar, just at opposite ends of the spectrum.They’re both products of the culture that created them.

Bernie Sanders is the ideological personification of the misinformed and disillusioned occupy wall street crowd.

Donald Trump is the ideological embodiment of the online troll generation as well as the response to the relentless PC culture and coddling of the college social justice warriors.

Neither of these men is a revolutionary. They’re Populists that just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

But, Bernie’s rally cry of “Viva la revolución!” is far more irritating because he is too much of a coward to fully attack Hillary Clinton, unlike Donald Trump. Donald Trump has destroyed and humiliated every single one of his opponents and stands a chance at beating the D.C. doll.

Real Political revolutions challenge the fundamental philosophical nature of the system. Bernie Sanders did not do that. He played within the rules of the system. Sure, he brought up campaign finance as being an issue, and that’s good, but real revolutionaries go where no one has gone before. They create a new path, forge a new way. They don’t sell out and endorse the enemy.

If Bernie Sanders had any moral integrity and any real belief in defeating the Washington machine in some sort of revolutionary way. He wouldn’t endorse Hillary. I mean, could you imagine Ron Paul endorsing John Mccain? ..No Neither could I. Because he truly stands for something.

If Bernie really wanted to do something revolutionary, and if Hillary Clinton really is his enemy, he wouldn’t have endorsed her. Instead, he would’ve endorsed Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Now that would be a revolutionary move.

The former New Mexico governor said it himself that he agrees with Senator Sanders on most social issues. According to The website, offers a comparison of the two candidates in which Johnson says that matches the two up in agreement 73 percent of the time.

Of course, that is not going to happen now. We see Bernie for the man he truly is. I am reminded of the Thomas Jefferson quote: “Timid Men would prefer to live in the calm of despotism than the tempestuous sea of liberty.” Bernie has always been a timid man. I’m not surprised he compromised his principles.

I only have one simple question to ask all the Bernie supporters out there. How does it feel? How does it feel to have your hero, your inspiration, your uncompromising light of truth sell out?
I suppose timid Bernie endorsed Hillary to save his own skin and maybe remove his name from the top of her kill list. “Viva la revolución Bernie !”

I hope the lesson we can all take away from this is loud and clear. Political parties don’t work. Government corrupts everyone. You can’t have a revolution within the system.

We need to opt out and create an entirely new system. A new game with new rules. It’s time to build our own parties and begin a real revolution. All we need are the people to believe it can be possible. We can live in the world we want. Real change can happen, but it must be created. Seceded and lead! and let the real revolution begin.

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