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Shine light on issues that the government would prefer be kept in the dark.

Discover the many ways the government collects and stores data about you, your friends and family, and what you can do about it.

Shine light on issues that the government would prefer be kept in the dark. Explore stories about past and present whistleblowers, and how to become one yourself.

Stand up against an oppressive government and restore the rights of people in every corner of America. Acknowledging the police state is the first step. Browse through the evidence we’ve published and decide for yourself.

Is health care a right? Is it written in our constitution? Is our new health care system under the Affordable Care Act leading us down a path toward socialism? These questions and more about Obamacare are vetted on VOL.

Better understand your rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness. One step toward personal freedom would be to end the drug war. Learn how much damage the war on drugs has caused and the costs associated with it.

When bureaucracy is used to bandage problems, adding layers to the issue rather than peeling back what’s there to get to the root of the situation, it usually results in a government fail. Other examples include government leaders acting as liars, cheats and thieves.

Prepare for the future through intellectual empowerment and mobilization around freedom movement concepts and ideas, including capitalism and Austrian economics.

Watch, read and listen to the libertarian take on news you need to know. Discover the ins and outs of this growing movement of Libertarians and libertarians alike.

Explore the complete archive of the Ron Paul Channel. Watch Ron Paul’s interviews and commentaries, read his blog and tune in to his podcasts, only on VoicesofLiberty.com.

From war to peace, delve into coverage on the world’s most pressing issues and our foreign policy with countries across the globe.