Best Butt Plugs for Women

The word “butt plugs for women” might sound pretty intimidating for some, but if you ask those who have tried it, they will definitely agree that this toy has given them great pleasure. And don’t we all want that?

So, if you’re on the hunt for some new toys to pump up your bedroom experience, you might want to consider getting a butt plug. This is a very useful toy for anal play and a great tool to experiment with yourself or your partner during sexual play.

Several sensory nerves surround the anus and this is the reason why anal play often leads to a much longer orgasm. With the help of butt plugs, you’ll be able to experiment with different sensations that could lead to ultimate sexual pleasure.

Although butt plugs are usually marketed for women, men can also use them during masturbation or when performing foreplay with a partner. It’s a great addition to your collection of sex toys and a great way to add more variety and fun to your anal play.

If you’re searching for the best butt plugs for women, then here’s a list of the butt plugs that we would highly recommend.

  1. Lovehoney Butt Tingler

Lovehoney is known for producing some of the best sex toys on the market and this butt tingler is highly recommended to those who are looking for the best butt toy for women. This toy effectively stimulates the sensitive nerve endings in your anus for a more satisfying anal play. It features a tapered tip and a graduating bulb that has a maximum girth size of 3.5 inches, making it ideal for first-time users.

As with using any toy for anal play, applying water-based lubricant on this one is highly recommended. You get to choose from 2 different vibration speeds as well as 3 different patterns once inserted.

This toy is very versatile and can be used solo or with a partner. It can also be used in different ways, allowing you to experiment and determine what works best for you. You can use it to pinpoint stimulation of the erogenous zones when performing solo play or when used with a partner.


  • Can be used for both solo play and with a partner
  • Easy to clean
  • Features 3 vibrating patterns and 2 vibration speeds for a range of stimulation
  • Ideal for anal play beginners
  • Sleek and small butt plug made of silicone
  • T-shaped and flared base, which prevents unwanted slip-up


  • A bit difficult to use
  • Gets boring fast
  • Makes noise
  • BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

If you’re a first-timer in anal play, you’ll surely love this BASICS Slimline Butt Plug, thanks to its petite and smooth features. This toy works by expertly stimulating the nerve endings surrounding your anus to trigger great orgasmic pleasure.

This butt plug is gently graduated. With a slimline design and a circumference of 1.6-3.2 inches, this toy is perfect for anyone who is in the process of learning anal play. The flared base ensures that the plug stays in place no matter how much you move.


  • Slimline design 4-inch butt plug ideal for beginners
  • The tapered tip allows for easy and pleasurable insertion
  • The narrow neck and flared base ensure a prolonged, comfortable, and safe wear
  • Firm and flexible for easy insertion
  • Exciting enhancer for foreplay, anal play, etc.


  • Lacks size
  • No vibration
  • Feels sticky
  • Fifty Shades Darker Beyond Erotic Butt Plug

If you’re a big fan of the famous movie, Fifty Shades Darker, then you have every reason to love this toy. It works by stimulating the nerve endings for a mind-blowing experience. The cool metal helps to enhance sensual satisfaction when using this butt plug.

Featuring a bulbous shape with a tapered tip, this toy is easy enough to introduce in the anal region. If you and your partner would like to role-play the characters of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, then this toy is highly recommended.

What’s great about this butt plug is that it is temperature responsive, which enhances the sexual stimulation even further. When used, the slender neck and the flared base will keep the toy in place giving you peace of mind even in the midst of a vigorous lovemaking session.

This toy also comes with an elegant-looking storage bag. Make sure you put a generous amount of lubricant for a more satisfying anal stimulation.


  • The flared base and slender neck make sure the toy stays in place
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Inspired by Fifty Shades Darker
  • Rosebud shape designed, which ensures comfort and pleasure
  • Temperature-responsive


  • There’s branding on the base
  • A bit pointy
  • BASICS Beaded Slimline Butt Plug

Another great toy from the BASICS brand is this Beaded Slimline Butt Plug. As the name suggests, this butt plug is beaded, which amps up the excitement.

You’ll have full control over your anal pleasure when using this toy. As always, it is best to start small before you increase the stimulation and upgrade to bigger toys.

Featuring four fantastic beads and with a graduated size, this toy will sensually slip inside of you as you increase the intensity level. Equipped with a flared base that helps to prevent over-insertion and slippage, this butt plug will surely leave you craving for more.

Before use, apply a good amount of your water-based lubricant for a smooth experience.


  • Beaded butt plug ideal for beginners of anal play
  • The flared base fits thoroughly to ensure comfortable and prolonged use
  • Graduated in size, which allows for easy insertion
  • Made from smooth high-quality PVC
  • The beads increase in size and intensify the sensations


  • Gets tacky after washing
  • Could be wider
  • Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug

Another toy from Lovehoney that we would strongly recommend is this Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug.

With an insertable length of 2.5 inches and a weight of 145 grams, this petite butt plug can work well for beginners who are still trying to experiment with anal play. But what really makes this toy stand out is that it sparkles beautifully.

Featuring a tapered shape, this toy is easy enough for beginners to insert. Furthermore, its flared base ensures that the toy will stay in place no matter how you move.

This butt plug is made of metal and responds well to temperature. It can either be cooled or warmed, depending on what works best for you.


  • 2.5-inch butt plug with jewel-encrusted base
  • Made of metal and can be used for temperature play
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Sparkling bejeweled toy
  • The tapered tip allows for easy insertion


  • Has the tendency to slip out
  • Small size
  • The edge is not smooth
  • Icicles No 48 Medium Glass Flower Butt Plug

This petite butt plug offers the most pleasurable experience to the user.

Featuring a flower-shaped base, smooth glass bulb, and slender stem, this butt plug is certainly one of the prettiest butt plugs out there. Each and every inch of this beautiful toy was crafted carefully to provide you with the most thrilling anal play.

With its extra-long neck and teardrop bulb design, the Icicles No 48 Medium Glass Flower Butt Plug offers intense pleasure and maximum comfort to the user.

The flared base prevents unwanted movement and thanks to its petite form, this device is perfect for first-timers.


  • Made from smooth glass with decorative flower base
  • 3-inch insertable length
  • Extra-long neck
  • Temperature responsive and shatter-resistant glass
  • Easy to insert and provides precise stimulation


  • Could be bigger
  • Bad color
  • Uncomfortable base
  • Glams Silicone Mini Butt Plug

If you’re a beginner in anal play, this Glams Silicone Mini Butt Plug from Lovehoney is a great device to try. This elegant looking butt plug is petite and slim, which makes it a perfect toy for first-timers.

The size is only a little bit bigger than the pinky finger, yet it’s tapered beautifully, which makes for smooth insertion.

It has a flared base to ensure it stays in place and the beautiful rainbow gem makes the device sparkle. Make sure you apply a drop of lube for more comfort and pleasure.


  • The flared base allows for comfort and safety
  • Glamorous looking plug with a colorful gem at the base
  • Made from a smooth silicone material that’s soft to the touch
  • The tapered tip allows for easy insertion
  • Unisex plug that can be used for solo play or with your partner


  • Doesn’t stay in place
  • Not very useful

Why You Should Try Anal Play?

As mentioned from the start, several nerve endings and pleasure points surround our anus. Thus, playing with it feels really good, especially if you use a butt plug. Some of these nerve endings connect to the clitoris, which is why it’s even more satisfying for most people.

If you are new to anal play, which involves penetration, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to do it slowly. When penetrating, use your fingers when starting and then slowly introduce the butt plug. You can also use a dildo and experiment with toys that have bigger girth and length at a later time.

What is a Butt Plug?

This may be the first time you’ve heard of the butt plug but it has been around for quite a while and it’s a preferred sex toy for those who are into anal play. These toys feature a wide base and then there’s a long neck, as well as a tapered head that opens out widely, forming a bulb shape.

The tapered head design allows for better insertion and the flared wide base keeps the toy in place. That way, it won’t slip towards the anal canal. Of all the components of the butt plug, it is the neck that’s the slimmest. This is also where the sphincters relax as it’s getting squeezed, while the plug stays in place.

Some of the butt plugs have more than one bulge at the tip. This enhances the sensation as it’s inserted and removed. Yet, those that come with multiple bulges are a bit more difficult to move in and out.

What’s great about butt plugs is that they allow the user to enjoy hands-free anal stimulation even for a long period of time since it’s meant to stay inside only. Again, it is best to start slow, especially for first-timers.

Butt Plug Benefits

Although this article talks about the butt plugs for women, this sex toy can actually be used by all.

Butt plugs are not only meant to help make anal sex easier. Because the toy allows you to enjoy a hands-free stimulation, your hands will be able to move freely and be used for some other things, which improves sexual experience.

They work by applying pressure to the erogenous zones of your butt, which results in a very satisfying sexual experience. The toy will create a “fullness” feeling while inside, which is what makes the user orgasm easily.

By inserting the toy, there will be a minimal amount of space in the pelvis. Thus, the vagina will feel tighter, which will make it even more pleasurable. As you orgasm, the muscles of your pelvic will begin to contract along with the anal muscles. This will result in a more intense and powerful orgasmic pleasure.

The butt plug also applies pressure on your vaginal wall, which intensifies the level of sensation that you’ll feel. Some women will also find pleasure in using the butt plug while being given oral stimulation by her partner. When the woman orgasms, the contractions surrounding the butt plug will feel very intense.

In case you’re not aware, the clitoris is said to have around 8,000 nerve endings. Some of these go as far as the anal region. Aside from the connection of the nerve endings, between the clitoris and the anal, there’s a thin membrane that separates the rectal cavity from the vaginal cavity.

The direct stimulation that one would feel during anal play will help women to easily achieve an intense orgasm.


When looking for the best butt plugs for women, you’ll find many different options. There are those that are made from silicone, others are metal, while there are also glass butt plugs.

Some of these toys are also made of medical-grade steel. This particular toy is effective for temperature play as it can be cooled or heated. A stainless-steel butt plug feels very smooth and can be cleaned easily. But the problem with using stainless-steel butt plugs is that they are not flexible and tend to be heavy.

Glass butt plugs are also a great choice for temperature anal play. They are lighter than the metal ones and are easy to clean as well. Most users prefer the premium silicone since it’s body-safe, flexible, and allows for smooth insertion.

How to Use a Butt Plug?

When used properly, the butt plug shouldn’t cause you any pain. Our anal region has two sphincters – one inside and another outside. The one inside is located deeper into your body, which you can’t control. It is the one outside that you can control. Wait for the muscles to relax so you will not feel any pain. If you’re feeling uncomfortable when you put it on, remove it immediately.

Another important thing to remember for first time users of the butt plug is to use plenty of lubricants. Remember, your anus will not produce its own lubrication, unlike the vagina. Make sure you apply a generous amount of lubricant so it will be easy for you to insert the toy.

Depending on what the toy is made of, the water-based lubricant should work best. It’s highly recommended to use a thicker lubricant as it keeps you protected from bacteria and allows for a more comfortable experience.

First-time users should start with smooth butt plugs. Those that come with bumps and ridges are recommended for more experienced users. To get started, insert the toy slowly as you lie down.

Some women might find the toy easier to use after having their first orgasm or after an intense foreplay. This way, their body will feel relaxed, most especially the muscles in the anal region.

Cleaning a Butt Plug

Remember that cleaning is absolutely necessary if you own a sex toy, such as a butt plug. These things get into contact with your intimate parts so proper hygiene must be maintained. Toys that are made from nonporous materials can be boiled in order to sanitize the device.

But for other toys, washing them with soap and warm water should be enough. It’s also not recommended to use the toy in the vaginal area after it has been used for anal pleasure as this might cause infections.

Try to not let anyone use your toy, especially someone you don’t know. This toy should go in your anus only and not anyone else’s. If you want to share it, put a condom on top of it to ensure safety.


When it comes to the best butt plugs for women, the Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug is highly recommended. This device stimulates the sensitive nerve endings in your anal region, providing you with the most pleasurable sensation. With a 3.5-inch girth and tapered tip, this is the perfect toy for first-timers of anal play.

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