Best Ribbed Dildos: In Depth Review

An In-Depth Review of the 8 Best Ribbed Dildos in 2019

Many years ago, women who used sex toys were viewed as sexually deviant or lonely. But that’s no longer the case today. The use of sex toys such as dildos has now become socially acceptable, at least in the Western world. Because of this, you’ll now find several different types of dildos for sale on the market. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are made from different materials as well.

One of the most popular types of dildos are ribbed dildos. Compared to the standard dildo, the ribbed dildo is known to offer a more intense stimulation, which is more pleasurable to the user.

If you’re searching for the best ribbed dildos online, take a look at our well-researched list below.

1. Lovehoney Ribbed Glass Dildo

First on the list is the Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo from Lovehoney. Made from glass, this ribbed dildo is manufactured beautifully to provide the user with the most fulfilling sensation ever. Its sleek curved design, bumpy ribs, and the bulbed end will surely make you crave for more.

The glass design of this ribbed dildo gives off an intense internal stimulation in your G-spot, which is truly orgasmic. It can also be used as a massager. Simply glide it over your tired muscles to relieve tension and experience pure relaxation.

Coming with a temperature-retaining feature, you can benefit from this dildo if you want to indulge in a bit of temperature play. Simply submerge it in warm water or place in the fridge for 10 minutes. This can certainly enhance the simulative response and give you a more pleasurable experience. To ensure safety, test the temperature of the dildo on your arms before you put it into your intimate areas.

You can also use different kinds of lubricants with this ribbed dildo. Slather it with any lubricant that you prefer to boost the sensation that this sex toy can provide.


  • Can be used by couples
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Targets G-spot stimulation
  • Temperature play
  • Unisex design


  • Glass design means dildo gets very cold when used in winter

2. BASICS Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo

For those who need a dildo to get them started with the basics of anal play, the BASICS Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo is a perfect choice. This starter dildo features a long and soft ribbed shaft that’s truly mind-blowing. Plus, its tapered tip allows for a heady and blissful anal play experience.

This ribbed dildo has a long and slender design, which is ideal for beginners who are still getting started with anal play. What’s even great about this toy is that it has a bulbed shaft that results in even more intense stimulation.

The dildo attaches easily to any hard surface, thanks to the strong base of the suction cup. With this feature, you’ll be able to play hands-free. Plus, it can be slipped easily in a harness, which is useful for when you use it with your partner. For a more pleasurable experience, slather a generous amount of lube before you get started.


  • Can be used for both anal and vaginal play
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Ribbed bulbs
  • Slim size dildo
  • Suction cup base


  • Some users complained that it doesn’t seem to stay in place
  • Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Dildo

Specifically designed for anal play, the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Dildo is perfect for those who want to experience a pleasurable anal play experience. Of course, it can also work for vaginal play. This flexible dildo has a slender ribbed design and features arousing beads that pump up your anal play experience. Ideal for beginners, the dildo’s shape and design will give you a truly intense sensation without feeling any discomfort.

This ribbed dildo’s insertable length is 5 inches and its girth is 3.5 inches. With this length, you’ll be able to use this dildo for anal sex with your partner. Its small flared base is too small so make sure to hold it well to prevent it from getting inside you.

Just like with any PVC-made dildo, you need to apply a generous amount of lubricant so the material won’t drag into the skin. Water-based lube is highly recommended for this since it’s more long-lasting compared to the standard lube. Sure, the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Dildo is great for a beginner but exercise caution because the flared base is too small.


  • Flared base design
  • Flexible
  • Offers incredible stimulation
  • Slender


  • Some users complained that the dildo has a weird smell
  • Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

One thing you’ll easily notice about this Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo from Lovehoney is its sexy design. In fact, this is what makes it stand out from the other dildos on the market. Plus, its remarkable glass ribbed design will surely make you crave for more!

The rippling design of this glass dildo allows for a slow twisting while it’s inside you. Unlike the other ribbed dildos that tend to be too sharp, this glass dildo will provide you with more sensual and pleasurable stimulation.

It’s worth noting that this dildo comes at a pretty large size. With a length of 8 inches and a girth of 5.5 inches, this may not be ideal for beginners. But if you’re an experienced user and you need a dildo that will give you a more satisfying experience, it’s highly recommended.


  • Durable design
  • Elegant and sexy looking toy
  • Great quality
  • Comes with twin insertable ends
  • Offers warm and cool sensations


  • Has the tendency to get very slippery
  • Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

If you need something that can give you the best value for your money, this Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is highly recommended. For the price of one, you’ll get two dildos, which is truly amazing.

Made from high-quality glass material, these ribbed dildos are firm, strong, and smooth, which feels really great while inside you. Both are double-ended and are nicely curved. They target your G-spot and its bulbous ends mean you’ll enjoy intense stimulation.

The dildos come in different sizes. One is 7.25 inches long with a girth of 4.5 inches and the other is 8.25 inches and has a 3.75-inch girth. This size might seem too long but it’s not really intended to be inserted entirely. You just have to move it in and out for stimulation.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set is a great choice for couples that need an affordable set of dildos.


  • Clear designed dildo
  • Ideal for temperature play
  • Good size
  • Includes a detailed user guide
  • The curves and texture are extremely stimulating


  • Girth size is not big enough
  • Tantus Charmer Silicone Ribbed Dildo

For those who would prefer for their dildo to be made from silicone, the Tantus Charmer Silicone Ribbed Dildo is a great choice. Made from medical-grade silicone material, this ribbed dildo is the best in terms of durability. Yet, it doesn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, it’s highly recommended to those who are in a budget.

This ribbed dildo has a smooth and soft texture that’s truly pleasurable. Yet, the shaft is firm enough to give you an intense level of pleasure. The shaft has four modules, which beginners might find a bit too intense. Also, the edges of this toy are a bit sharper, which is why it might appeal more to the experienced users.

The flared base of this dildo can also be used as a base for the O-ring harness. At a length of 6.5 inches and girth of 3.75 inches, this ribbed dildo might be on the smaller side, yet the ribbed edges make up for the lack of size.


  • Can be used by beginners
  • Curved shaft
  • Flared base
  • Made from silicone
  • Suitable for solo users


  • A bit expensive
  • Glas Purple Rain Ribbed Dildo

This Ribbed Glass Dildo is made by a brand called Glas, which specializes in hand-blown glass toys. It’s safe and comfortable enough to use and comes with a double-ended design. One is smooth while the other is ribbed and has four ample-sized ribs. 

One end of this dildo is straight. The other features an intense curve. You’re free to decide which one to use, depending on the level of penetration that you want. While the curved end can effectively stimulate the G-spot, it’s highly recommended to use the ribbed end. You can experiment by running it in and out of you and see how this makes you feel.

Indeed, the Glas Purple Rain Ribbed Glass Dildo will give you a whole new level of sensation. At 7 inches, it comes in the right size to hit every spot for an exciting experience.


  • Can be used in different kinds of sex lubes
  • Features four large ribs
  • Made from durable glass material
  • Offers intense G-spot play
  • Perfectly shaped


  • Some users complained it could hurt a bit
  • Basix Ribbed Double-Ended Dildo

The Basix Ribbed Double-ended Dildo is one of the best ribbed dildos that can give you the most pleasurable stimulation, thanks to its double-ended design. You can share this toy with your partner or use it to experiment alone. You can also bend the toy in half for more intense and stimulating penetration.

What’s great about this toy is that it’s firm and flexible enough, allowing for easy insertion. It’s perfect for stimulating your intimate area and can be used for both vaginal and anal play. If you choose to play solo, take advantage of the double-ended design for a more exciting penetration. Always apply water-based lubricant before use to achieve maximum pleasure.


  • Flexible double-ended design
  • Ideal for solo or double penetration
  • Ribbed shaft
  • Tapered head


  • Produces a strong rubber smell

Why Use Ribbed Dildos?

When it comes to the best sex toys, dildos are often on top of the list. This is because the toy is multi-purpose, and if you’re going to use the ribbed version, you’ll achieve a more pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Another great thing about ribbed dildos is that they can be used alone or with a partner. You can use it to experiment with your body and figure out what works best for you when it comes to sexual stimulation. It’s also a great toy when introducing anal sex with your partner.

How to Find the Best Ribbed Dildo

Here are the main considerations that you should make:

  • Material

The smoothness of the ribbed edges will depend on the type of material used for the dildo. Glass dildos are hard yet their edges are usually very smooth and touch your skin nicely as you push it in and out of your intimate area. Those that are made from soft materials like silicone, TPE, and jelly are usually not as smooth when getting in and out and have the tendency to hurt your skin, which can become very uncomfortable.

  • Ribs Size

You’ll find ribbed dildos in different sizes and shapes, but the most important thing to consider is the size of the ribs. Remember that the size of the ribs plays an important factor in the satisfaction that you’ll feel. It’s because the ribs can lengthen the girth and provide more stimulation to your intimate parts. The bigger the ribs, the better, although avoid anything that’s too big as it might cause you pain.

  • Suction vs. No Suction Cup

Another thing to consider is whether you need a dildo with a suction cup or not. The decision will mainly depend on how you plan to play with your toy.


Of all the dildos featured above, it’s the Purple Rain Ribbed Dildo that has received the most positive feedback. Customers love this ribbed dildo’s cold temperature play feature that greatly stimulates their G-spot.

Furthermore, the dildo’s double-ended design means that you’ll have a double chance of discovering something that can work best for you. However, a few customers complained that it has the tendency to pull the vaginal opening. But a quick movement change can resolve this minor issue.

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