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Poll Ranks Big Government As Americans’ Top Concern

January 7, 2015—Today, I want to talk a little bit about a Gallup poll that was just done recently. Generally, there are a lot of polls done at the end of a year or at the beginning of a year, but this one particular poll dealt with what are the concerns of the people. Their point was that, generally speaking, the economy is the big issue. On this poll, they pointed out the economy wasn’t on the top. They think the most important issue is big government—the politicians and Washington, DC. They’re just disgusted with the way the system operates.

That is good, but the conclusion has to be correct. Is it because they’re doing things they shouldn’t do or they want government just to operate more efficiently, to run the wars more efficiently, and to make sure that nobody falls through the cracks? Is it to have a more efficient welfare state and come up magically with more money and you balance the budget and you satisfy everybody’s demand? There’s some of that.

This also may mean that the people will say that we have to do something with the government—the government is at fault, they have caused our problems. That, to me, is very healthy. The government leadership is the big issue. Economy was second. It was 17 percent, versus 18 percent criticizing the government leadership. Then, the third one was unemployment and the fourth one was health care. When you think about it, if 17 percent say it’s the economy … unemployment, that’s economics, and health care, there couldn’t be anything more involved in economics. It’s a large portion of the GDP and taxes and people’s satisfaction. Together those are 42 percent, which is pure economic versus 18 percent about government leadership.


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NYPD ‘Stoppage’ is Pushback Against Big Government

January 5, 2014—Today I’d like to make a few comments about their work stoppage, the slow down of the New York City Police, they are not arresting as many people. A lot of people are getting very nervous about this and trying to figure out what this all means.

This is an out growth of the conflict that became regularly apparent between the militarization of the police and their abuse of the average citizen as well as the citizens of Ferguson, and other countries reacting negatively by causing violence as well. This conflict is going on, but there is also a New York added factor that the police do not think that the mayor is treating them fairly enough and therefore they are not going to go out and arresting people.

Now ordinarily if the police were really doing something important for our safety and protecting us this would be catastrophic, something would happen, the arrests would maybe go down but the criminality would go up. So far that’s not the case. Something similar to that in Detroit in the midst of their severe crisis, they had to downsize on their police forces.

As a matter of fact, there were no signs that there was an increase in the criminality, but police have been less anxious to arrest people. There is a 94 percent decrease in the arrest of minor traffic offenses. I guess the average citizen wouldn’t care about that, that is only a gimmick to raise revenue for the city and they have quotas even though they deny it. It’s just a revenue enhancer for cities to pay policeman a lot of money. My guess is that there are way too many policeman and writing a lot of tickets is something that they do because they have the motive and incentive to raise the money.


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Obama Wants to Government to Pay for Junior College

January 10, 2015—Another free program coming from Obama! He wants to take care of us and have a little bit more involvement in the educational process.

But he has proposed a new program. For how many? You know, a few scholarships? No; it’s for everybody. Everybody can get it that wants it. The astounding thing is that one of the results from this will be that the cost of education is going to go down and it’s going to be a miracle. Everybody’s going to get educated. The cost of education’s going down and it’s always free.

But when the government says something is free, they should ask the next question: “Where does the money come from?”

Because is anything ever really free?

The government either has to take it from somebody else, borrow the money or print the money. So there’s always a cost to it. There will be a cost to this because you just can’t get something given to us under the guise of it being free.

The way Obama described it, he says you’ll have a free education “if you’re willing to work for it.” That sounds pretty good. Most of the individuals that I went to school with didn’t get a free education but they were willing to work for it and it was available.

I think that’s still true today. There are a lot of people who still work and save money and pay their college tuition. But the cost of college has gone up, and that has to do with the government giving so many scholarships and loans. More people did get to go to college but what was the result? The cost went up. He’s saying the cost is going to go down and that’s an impossibility. It won’t go down.


This Christmas Gift to Wall Street Will Hurt the Economy

December 26, 2014—Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning in. I would like to give a brief update on the recent announcement by chairman of the federal reserve board, Janet Yellen and the wonderful things that happened in the market following this. She made a major announcement that caught the attention of everybody on Wall Street, that no longer would she be waiting a considerable time before she raises interest rates. The market had interpreted that to mean that in about six months, she was going to raise it. They don’t speak in clear terms, but they have to interpret it.

Then, she changed those words. She changed it from considerable time to being patient to that time when we would do, when she would raise the interest rates. The market interprets that as, “Oh, they’re not going to be in a rush.” Then when she was quizzed about it, she says, “We keep getting closer and closer to that day.” This was interpreted favorably for the stock market that interest rates would not be raised within the next several months. The response to this was sky rocketing prices of the stocks and of course, bond values went up. My guess is, as an immediate response within a day or two of that, there could have been a trillion dollars of increase and asset values. That’s how much effect a few words has….


Big Government Doubles Spying Program Spending to $80 Billion

December 19, 2014—We all know that Congress just passed a huge funding bill for next year, $1.1 trillion, without even counting in the Department of Homeland Security and not counting all the supplemental bills that will come up and the needs to keep fighting the war, so it will be much bigger than that.

In this bill, they had some funding for the intelligence agencies. Of course, there’s a number they throw out, but nobody actually knows. Even though I was in Congress, it’s very difficult. Even if you were exposed to some of the documents, you never see the big picture. It is estimate that CIA and all the agencies got $80 billion to spy on Americans and whomever else they want to spy on around the world.

Now before 9/11, we were spending $40 billion and they had gathered a lot of information, adequate information. Those who were in charge, if they put it all together, they could have figured out that there was a big event coming. But the $40 billion came up short and the efficiency of the system didn’t work, so the demand was for more money, and they’re getting more money, $80 billion plus. The big thing is there’s even more to it than this. The secret, secret funding is how the CIA gets money off budget. It has been said that it’s been done from the very beginning. Since World War II, a spy agency is exempt from everything. Their activities are exempt, their funding is exempt, so they’re a government unto themselves.

You say, well, that can’t be possible. We’ve just had an investigation and we proved that the CIA is up to no good in the torture. That’s one small item. It’s good that we got some more information, but believe me, their secrecy and their secret government is still in place and they still have a lot of people involved and a lot of funding. During Iran-Contra, it was able to fund a program. . . .

Senate Clears Spending Bill Funding Obama’s Executive Amnesty

December 15, 2014—We’ve just seen the CRombnibus bill passed by the House of Representatives, and the Senate I’m sure will do the same thing shortly, and it was a huge bill; $1.1 trillion, and it tides the government over into next year and everybody is happy except the conservatives and the liberals.

It was a split vote. The total vote was 219-206. Not exactly a landslide for support of the legislation, but a lot of people voted against it because there wasn’t enough money, and then a lot of Republicans voted against it because it was too much money and they weren’t doing the right things.

Anyway, the bill gets passed and it moves on, and even though there’s a lot of people complaining that it was irresponsible, don’t sweat it because I have a quote here from somebody in a very important position that will explain to us why you shouldn’t worry about this. This is a good piece of legislation as far as he is concerned.

Let me read about that. This comes from The Speaker of the House John Boehner. This is what he said so rest assured that the bill has to be okay. “House passes responsible spending bill,” according to John Boehner. Here he goes, “With a bipartisan vote The House has passed a responsible bill to keep the government running and address the American people’s priorities.” Well that sounds very reasonable. I wish they would protect my priorities of liberty, but that’s not the case. . . .