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IRS Budget Slashed; Expect Fewer Audits in 2015

January 20, 2015—Hello, everybody, and thank you for tuning in. I want to visit with you today about one of my least favorite organizations ever created, and that is the IRS.

Of course, I’ve taken a very strong position on this for a long, long time. I made it very clear in the presidential campaigns that we didn’t need an income tax and we didn’t need an IRS and it caused nothing but economic troubles and it leads to trouble with our civil liberties because of the loss of privacy in our financial records.

There are always gimmicks to get the maximum amount of revenues for the government. Of course, that stems from the fact that the government is too big. They’re involved in welfare redistribution, they’re involved in war overseas, so they need a lot of money to run this big government. But nobody is seriously considering that, so the IRS is going to be around for a while longer.

In the news now, Congress recently cut the IRS budget by 17 percent, and this is great. John Koskinen, the head of the IRS, is complaining. He says they’re going to lose revenues because they won’t be able to do as many audits and they’re very worried about it. Quite frankly, I don’t think all of a sudden they’re going to have a lot less revenue. They’ll figure out something. But it is good news. The funding was cut. There are less audits going to happen, but not tremendously.

There were 1.4 million audits in 2013, and this year there are going to be 1 million, so the threat is still out there. They’ll probably have high-profile punishment of certain individuals because that’s what they do to intimidate the rest of the people. Oh, if they’re going to punish so-and-so and put him in prison, we’d better just be very, very frightened.