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Poll Ranks Big Government As Americans’ Top Concern

January 7, 2015—Today, I want to talk a little bit about a Gallup poll that was just done recently. Generally, there are a lot of polls done at the end of a year or at the beginning of a year, but this one particular poll dealt with what are the concerns of the people. Their point was that, generally speaking, the economy is the big issue. On this poll, they pointed out the economy wasn’t on the top. They think the most important issue is big government—the politicians and Washington, DC. They’re just disgusted with the way the system operates.

That is good, but the conclusion has to be correct. Is it because they’re doing things they shouldn’t do or they want government just to operate more efficiently, to run the wars more efficiently, and to make sure that nobody falls through the cracks? Is it to have a more efficient welfare state and come up magically with more money and you balance the budget and you satisfy everybody’s demand? There’s some of that.

This also may mean that the people will say that we have to do something with the government—the government is at fault, they have caused our problems. That, to me, is very healthy. The government leadership is the big issue. Economy was second. It was 17 percent, versus 18 percent criticizing the government leadership. Then, the third one was unemployment and the fourth one was health care. When you think about it, if 17 percent say it’s the economy … unemployment, that’s economics, and health care, there couldn’t be anything more involved in economics. It’s a large portion of the GDP and taxes and people’s satisfaction. Together those are 42 percent, which is pure economic versus 18 percent about government leadership.