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Is the Media Frenzy Over the Australian Hostage Crisis a Distraction from U.S. Foreign Policy?

December 17, 2014—I’d like to make a comment about the recent hostage take-over in Australia. It really hit the news big time. There was one individual, had a rifle, took some hostages in a coffee shop, and it made worldwide headlines. Not just a little bit, but constant, all day long, until the event ended. You wonder, how could one event like this, one individual with one gun with a few hostages … There’s a lot of crime out there. Just think about how many crimes and murders are committed every night in this country; there’s all kinds of things going on.

Of course, it turned out that most likely it was done by a radical jihadist who was trying to make a point. This would be one of the motivations that the media might have to present this. I noticed on one TV station that was presenting this, it was sort of apologetic, saying, “You know, it’s pretty amazing that we’re covering this as much as we are. We know what the people want, and this is what they want,” and I think that’s a bunch of baloney. I don’t think that for a minute.

Did they go out and do some polling all of a sudden and say, “What do you want to hear about? Do you want to hear about all our failures in Iraq and Syria and Libya and all these other places, or do you want to hear about this hostage take-over where one citizen was killed?” They’ll say, “Oh, that’s what the people want to hear.” No, it’s partially for a distraction from some of these other events. They don’t want us talking about the failure of our policy in Syria. The failure with us working with the Kurdish people, failure in Iraq, failure in Afghanistan, failure in Egypt, failure in Libya.

Right now, Libya’s in chaos and they’re having a border dispute with Tunisia. Just think of the mess that we’ve created and have aggravated in Ukraine, involves many, many dollars, and yet that is pushed aside, that is not to be discussed. We have to concentrate on this one very important event. Totally foolish for Australia or the Canadians or anybody else just to blindly do what we tell them. Eventually, that will all change because our failures will be so evidenced and our financial system won’t be able to bear the burden of being involved. …