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Big Government Doubles Spying Program Spending to $80 Billion

December 19, 2014—We all know that Congress just passed a huge funding bill for next year, $1.1 trillion, without even counting in the Department of Homeland Security and not counting all the supplemental bills that will come up and the needs to keep fighting the war, so it will be much bigger than that.

In this bill, they had some funding for the intelligence agencies. Of course, there’s a number they throw out, but nobody actually knows. Even though I was in Congress, it’s very difficult. Even if you were exposed to some of the documents, you never see the big picture. It is estimate that CIA and all the agencies got $80 billion to spy on Americans and whomever else they want to spy on around the world.

Now before 9/11, we were spending $40 billion and they had gathered a lot of information, adequate information. Those who were in charge, if they put it all together, they could have figured out that there was a big event coming. But the $40 billion came up short and the efficiency of the system didn’t work, so the demand was for more money, and they’re getting more money, $80 billion plus. The big thing is there’s even more to it than this. The secret, secret funding is how the CIA gets money off budget. It has been said that it’s been done from the very beginning. Since World War II, a spy agency is exempt from everything. Their activities are exempt, their funding is exempt, so they’re a government unto themselves.

You say, well, that can’t be possible. We’ve just had an investigation and we proved that the CIA is up to no good in the torture. That’s one small item. It’s good that we got some more information, but believe me, their secrecy and their secret government is still in place and they still have a lot of people involved and a lot of funding. During Iran-Contra, it was able to fund a program. . . .