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European Countries Look to Repatriate Gold

December 20, 2014—I’d like to visit with you today about gold repatriation. We’ve heard a lot about this in the news, more every day. Now it’s Austria that’s thinking about demanding their gold back, and holding the gold themselves rather than the Federal Reserve and the various other places around the world. It more or less started with Germany a year or so ago, demanding their gold. They backed away and we don’t know exactly why. Maybe the Fed didn’t have the gold, but the Fed put them off for seven years. It looks like this made other countries a little bit nervous. Actually, Netherlands has already repatriated some of their gold, 130 tons of gold, which was done quietly.

Recently, in November, we saw the Swiss referendum, the people voting on whether or not to repatriate their gold. That referendum did not pass. As a matter of fact, the government and central banks terrified the citizens of Switzerland saying it would bring on an economic calamity, “You can’t do this.” That went down, but it also represents this notion that the people are starting to stir, wondering what’s going on in the monetary system, what’s going on in central banking, what’s going on with the gold, who owns the gold. We know that the very wealthy, the banks and the privilege class got bailed out in the crisis of seven years ago, and there are still a lot of problems that go on. And we still know there’s a lot of manipulation by our central banks, especially the most powerful central bank which is the Federal Reserve system. Because of that bank, our government gets to issue the reserve currency of the world….