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Terror Attacks in France: Retaliation for Cartoon or Blowback?

January 9, 2015—Hello, everybody, and thank you for tuning in. One of the big stories these last several days has been the killings in Paris at a magazine that had published some cartoons that were mocking Mohammed, and this was supposedly in retaliation. That was partially true.

Shortly after that, I was interviewed on TV and made a comment that I also thought that it had to do with France’s foreign policy and that they’re vulnerable to blowback, and I’m still convinced of that. A lot of people immediately wanted to twist it around, saying that which I’ve done with the argument of non-intervention and recognizing the importance of foreign policy is blaming the victims. Obviously, that is not the case, and obviously, it doesn’t endorse violence. It’s trying to understand what motivates individuals toward violent acts like this.

Now, although at the beginning there was a lot more criticism, right now there are more stories appearing because we know more about the individuals [who attacked Charlie Hebdo staffers]. We know they’re very much involved in Al Qaeda, in Yemen, and all the different things that they were angry about and whom they have dealt with. But here’s one article just today. It says, “Blowback: Paris Killings Likely Revenge for French Military Interventionism.” I do believe that is very much the case, part of it. They’ve been strong supporters of our intervention overseas. They’ve been supporters of our position in Syria, the overthrow of Assad. They’ve been involved in Libya. And over the years, they have been very much involved in interventionism overseas. There’s reason for individuals to be angry.

You say, well, they don’t have a right to commit violence. No, they don’t. But we don’t have a right to commit violence against them either. We can see this is violence. We have to condemn it. We have to do whatever we can to stop it. But they look and say, hey, what about the hundreds of thousands of people that have been killed in the last 15 years from our bombs and our drones and our sanctions. That’s like terrorism to them.